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Thank you for your contributions. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see how we will use your input to help shape the new Plan.

Draft Road Management Plan 2021

We are seeking community feedback on the Draft Road Management Plan 2021 (RMP), which relates to Council’s maintenance practices of local roads and footpaths. The RMP is an important Council plan as it sets out the maintenance standards for roads and footpaths and how quickly they are repaired when a defect is found.

The RMP aims to:

  • Help provide a safe and efficient road network for public use
  • Set the standards of Council’s road management responsibilities around inspections, maintenance and repairs
  • Achieve the above while considering Council objectives, community expectations and available funding

The RMP is not about:

  • State Government roads such as freeways and arterial roads
  • Complaints about a particular section of road and footpath
  • Building new roads or footpaths
  • Speed limits
  • Parking

The revised RMP can be viewed here via the Document Library on the right of the page. Have a read of the RMP and let us know your feedback by completing the below survey.

What has changed from the previous Road Management Plan?

We reviewed the current RMP 2017, the complete review report can be viewed via the Document Library on the right of the page. The main findings of the review were:

  • To thoroughly rewrite the RMP to make it clearer, easier to understand and more accessible
  • To make changes to some standards, the main change being an improvement in footpaths to reduce tripping hazards

Feedback can be provided be completing the survey or directly by contacting Daniel Kade on 03 8734 2725 or The survey closes on Monday 4 October at 11:59PM.

Please note if your feedback relates to a specific request or issue about a road or footpath, and not about the plan, you can report a road issue online here.

Help in your language

If you speak a language other than English and need help understanding a Council matter, letter, report, or other correspondence, you can contact Telephone Interpreting Service on 13 14 50. The Telephone Interpreting Service will coordinate a three-way telephone conversation, where Council Customer Service Officers will be able to provide assistance through the interpreter.