Consultation has concluded and the strategy was adopted at the June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting

The Wyndham Active Transport Strategy (formally Wyndham Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy) was adopted by Council at the June 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The final strategy is available in the Document Library to the right.

We are all pedestrians at some point in every journey, and most of us cycle at some time in our lives. We all benefit when the place we live in is good for walking and cycling. For the network to be convenient and attractive for all users it needs to cater for individuals with varied abilities and confidence levels.

This Strategy builds on the achievements of the 2011 Bicycle Network Strategy which are outlined in the ‘Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy supporting document’ and is a key action from the Wyndham Integrated Transport Strategy adopted in 2016.

The vision of this Strategy is that Wyndham will have a pedestrian and cycle network that is accessible, integrated, comfortable, attractive and safer for people of all ages and abilities. In doing so the Strategy will provide Council with a strategic direction for pedestrian and cycle network planning, infrastructure provision, and education, to meet the needs of the community and deliver on the vision.

Your comments on the draft strategy are welcomed and we will be accepting them up until 6 January.

The strategy and supporting document, including accessible versions, can be accessed from the document library on the right.

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