Engagement closed on Thursday 22 June.

Thanks to everyone who participated. An engagement report will be available soon.

What are your learning goals to live your best life?

Learning is fundamental to the well-being, prosperity, and sense of belonging of all people. At Wyndham, we strive to create learning opportunities for everyone, by making learning central to everything we do.

Wyndham has established a strong foundation for lifelong learning within the community since the creation of its first Learning Community Strategy in 2010.

The purpose of the Learning Community Strategy is to provide a strategic and integrated framework for the creation of a community of lifelong learning and is used as the basis to advocate, facilitate, explore, initiate, and deliver on Wyndham’s learning goals.

It clearly defines Council’s role in improving learning outcomes.

It's now time to refresh our Strategy and build on:

  • Work achieved through the Wyndham Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023
  • Work undertaken by a wide range of institutions and organisations that support learning in Wyndham City.

Phases of community engagement


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