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Help shape our next Learning Community Strategy


Learning is fundamental to the well-being, prosperity, and sense of belonging of all people.

Wyndham City has established a strong foundation for lifelong learning within the community since the creation of its first Learning Community Strategy in 2010.

The purpose of the Learning Community Strategy is to provide a strategic and integrated framework for the creation of a community of lifelong learning and is used as the basis to advocate, facilitate, explore, initiate, and deliver on Wyndham’s learning goals.

It clearly defines Council’s role in improving learning outcomes.

The next Strategy will build on:

  • Work achieved through the Wyndham Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023
  • Work undertaken by a wide range of institutions and organisations that support learning in Wyndham City.

Phases of community engagement

Phase 1 - Community consultation for the evaluation of current Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023

We want to hear from you about what is working well and what isn’t in our current strategy and what you think the opportunities and challenges for Wyndham are over the coming five years to grow as a community of learners.

How you can get involved

  1. Click on the 'Our seven focus areas' TAB (below) to find out more about each focus area and tell us if you think the areas should be carried over to the Draft Learning Community Strategy 2024-2029.
  2. Click on the 'Key Actions' TAB (below) to read about each of the 18 Actions.
  3. Understand more about the Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 by clicking on the 'Find out more' TAB (further below).
  4. Provide your feedback on the current Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 by clicking on the 'Get involved' TAB ( further below).
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How we will use your feedback

Your feedback will help inform the shaping of our Learning Community Strategy and ensure the future Strategy remains relevant to the community.

Feedback closes at 11:59PM Monday 20 March 2023

Our seven focus areas

The 2018 – 2023 Strategy outlines a strong commitment to ensuring the benefits of learning are available to all Wyndham residents and seeks to promotes a learning culture with equity and inclusion as the drivers.

New and emerging work, rapidly growing local communities, changing social opportunities and the importance of personal resilience and wellbeing underpin the following identified priority skills.

Key Actions

The Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023 clearly identifies Wyndham City Council as a significant stakeholder in driving a knowledge-based local economy and community that values lifelong learning for all residents. The Strategy identifies five key roles for Council in improving learning outcomes in Wyndham. These roles are advocacy, facilitation, exploration, initiation and delivery.

Council takes an advocacy and influencing role to ensure Wyndham secures the necessary resources to enable equitable access to learning for all residents. It plays a key role in facilitating partnerships, collaborations and relationships that are critical to delivering lifelong learning opportunities to the people of Wyndham.

Council supports service development through use of existing data and analytics and through leading and/or participating in research and development. It initiates new and innovative responses to identified existing and emerging needs and directly delivers learning related services.

The strategy includes 18 Key Actions* which are organised according to 4 themes:

    Living and learning

    Actions 1-2


    For equity and quality in service provision

    Action 3


    Partnerships and collaboration across sectors

    Actions 4-11


    Learning and fostering new entrepreneurial spirit

    Actions 12-18


  • Action 1: Learning Festival
  • Action 2: Transformative Education – Showcase


  • Action 3: Strong Advocacy to Ensure Learning for All


  • Action 4: Education Roundtable
  • Action 5: Constructive relationships with Principals
  • Action 6: Best Practice in Transition
  • Action 7: Inclusion and Equity in Learning for All
  • Action 8: Strengthen Literacy and Numeracy Network
  • Action 9: Aboriginal Culture driving new ways to Learn
  • Action 10: Developing Leaders in Local Communities
  • Action 11: Alumni as Leadership Mentors


  • Action 12: Engaging, Participating and Leading Globally
  • Action 13: Wyn Talks
  • Action 14: Enabling Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Business
  • Action 15: Future Space
  • Action 16: Community “Hackathons"
  • Action 17: Creative Learning Program
  • Action 18: Civics Learning and Social Cohesion

*You can read more detail about the Key Actions from page 26 in the Learning Community Strategy 2018-2023.

Wyndham Learning City

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Wyndham City Council is committed to building and maintaining a lifelong and life-wide learning culture which is dynamic, diverse and accessible to residents across all life stages.

Wyndham City Council is a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities and Wyndham is proud of the achievements and progress it's made in the years since becoming a member of this organisation in 2019.

Find out more about our Learning City here, including some of the work Wyndham has done in local, national and international forums.

Find out how you can get involved in the varied learning activities, events and programs on offer here.

Wyndham Pop Up School

Wyndham Libraries, Youth Program

Wyndham Libraries, Creative Learning Program

Wyndham Learning Festival

Get involved

Find out more

There are lots of ways for you to share your thoughts on our Wyndham Learning Community Strategy.

Before providing your feedback, we recommend you understand a bit more about the Strategy first.

To learn about the Strategy, annual updates on our progress, summary of achievements and the journey of how we got here and where we're going, we recommend you read the following:

Further suggested reading:

The new Learning Community Strategy will reference and align with the Wyndham City Plan and the Library Service Strategy action plan, below:

The Learning Community Strategy is also guided by other important Council Plans. We are working closely with the development of the Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2024 which will be available for public exhibition mid-end 2023 and the Draft Wyndham Plan, which is currently open for public exhibition - you can read more about the Draft Wyndham Plan and provide your feedback here.