What's being planned at Woodville?

The Woodville Neighbourhood Activity Centre is one of the oldest in Wyndham. It currently comprises a local shopping centre, two schools, open spaces, recreation facilities and a kindergarten.

A Place Plan is being developed for Woodville, with the aim of boosting the local economy and creating better connections to shops, facilities and services. Woodville residents and visitors are asked to share what they value about their activity centre, and what can be improved.

How did we get here?

Place making work was recently undertaken at Woodville Park Shopping Centre, which is located in the middle of Woodville neighbourhood. This work included both activations and urban design improvements and it was a partnership which saw investment by Wyndham City Council (Council), the Victorian State Government and the Shopping Centre owners. This was a successful project that enhanced the Shopping Centre through improved pedestrian connections, landscaping, furniture and distinctive murals.

Building on this, it is now planned to prepare a Place Plan for Woodville to increase the liveability of the neighbourhood by allowing people to meet most of their daily needs within a 20-minute return walk from home, with access to active and local transport options, shops, workplaces and recreation.

How to get involved

We want to hear from you about what you like, key issues to be addressed and how it can be improved.

Get involved today by:

  • Drop a pin below to provide feedback and ideas for Woodville
  • Complete the feedback survey below
  • Express your interest to join our Neighbourhood Team at the end of the survey if you are keen
  • Attend one of our Pop up engagement sessions to chat to the team, ask any questions or provide your feedback
  • Follow the project by clicking on the follow button in the header to stay updated as this project progresses

How we will use your feedback

Your feedback will be used to shape a Woodville Place Plan, that will be shared for comments later this year.

Provide your feedback below before Sunday 5 March 2023.

Drop a pin

Feedback survey

The survey will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, before submitting you can review your responses.

In responding to these questions, please consider:

  • Accessibility and movement networks for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport
  • Public open spaces like parks, town squares and sports fields
  • Safety and attractiveness
  • Built form (the height, volume and overall shape of a building as well as its surface appearance)
  • Range of housing choice
  • Businesses, services, and attractions

At the end of the survey, you can express your interest to be part of the Woodville Neighbourhood Team.


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