Consultation has now concluded.

Thank you for your feedback on the draft Community Engagement Policy. Council adopted the Final Policy at its meeting on 2 February.

Wyndham City has adopted a new Community Engagement Policy. The policy will guide the way Council and the Wyndham community (you!) work together to inform Council decisions, projects, policies and plans.

Thank you for your feedback

On the 2nd February 2021, at Wyndham City's first Council Meeting of the year, Council adopted the final Community Engagement Policy 2021-25.

You can view the final Community Engagement Policy here.

During July and August 2020, we heard your views about how Council undertakes community consultation and engagement, and how you would like to participate.

During December 2020 and January 2021, you provided feedback on the Draft Policy.

Your responses helped to inform the development of the final Policy.

Please note: any feedback provided during the consultation process, if not used directly into the Community Engagement Policy will help to inform our practice framework and training for Wyndham City staff.

Information about this community engagement can be found here, as well as in the findings report here.

Next Steps

Several internal tools and guidelines are also being developed under a Community Engagement Practice Framework to assist staff to apply the policy.