Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22

Each year Wyndham City Council prepares an Annual Plan and Budget which outlines the priorities for Council to deliver in the next financial year.

From November 2020 to March 2021, we undertook various community engagement activities to better understand the priorities of our community. You can find out more about this in our Community Engagement Report. These insights have been used to inform the Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22.

The Proposed Annual Plan and Budget for 2021/22 is now open for public exhibition and you're invited to provide feedback for Council's consideration.

Summary of Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22

The 2021/22 Proposed Annual Plan and Budget presents a vision for Wyndham that will help us rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic and build a stronger future for our community. It is a responsible and considered budget that delivers a record capital works investment, protects and enhances our local environment, builds healthy and resilient communities, and maintains the essential services that residents have told us they need and want.

The Budget will invest in Wyndham’s largest capital works program ever to ensure that significant infrastructure is delivered across the city. It provides a clear direction for Council as we emerge from the pandemic, with financial sustainability and responsible investment in the key priorities.

The Proposed Annual Plan and Budget for 2021/22 outlines a $201 million capital works spend, alongside an operating revenue of $374.78 million (excluding developer contributions, non-monetary assets, capital grants and net loss on disposal of property, infrastructure, plant and equipment) and operating expenditure of $306.70 million (excluding depreciation and amortisation) to deliver over 60 different services to the people who live, work and visit the city.

You can find a number of FAQs at the bottom of the page which provide some additional key messages about the Budget.

Tell us your thoughts

We encourage you to review the Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22. You can do this by:

  • downloading it from the document library at the top right hand side of the page.
  • requesting a hard copy from any of Wyndham City's Libraries or Community Centres.
  • requesting a hard copy via post by emailing

You can also read through the Budget FAQs below.

We want to know what you are excited about or whether anything is missing.

Tell us your thoughts by completing the Feedback Survey below, which will remain open until 11:59pm on 26 May 2021.

If you have a request in relation to road or footpath maintenance or maintenance of outdoor spaces, parking, nature strips, graffiti, dumped rubbish or the like, you can lodge this with our Customer Service Team for action. Find out more.

Budget FAQs

No, feedback is sought via The Loop and will be considered in the final Budget.

The Local Government 2020, no longer requires the hearing of submissions. The draft budget has been informed by various community engagement activities undertaken by Council between November 2020 and March 2021 to better understand the priorities of our community. These insights have been used to inform the Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2021/22.

The engagement activities included two distinct opportunities for community members to get involved:

  • Ideas submitted through the Shaping Wyndham Survey on The Loop between November 2020 and January 2021
  • Participation in a series of Community Conversations held in February and March 2021

  • Public Exhibition is the final stage of community engagement and is designed as a check in for those residents who have contributed to earlier or who are interested in the draft Budget.

All community members that provide feedback will receive a timely response as to how their feedback has been considered in the final Budget.

  • Upgrading and building new local roads - $27.20 million
  • Sports and recreation infrastructure - $29 million
  • Playground and parks upgrades - $2.02 million
  • Kindergarten and children centre services - $18.09 million
  • Maternal child and health and immunisation services - $13.91 million
  • Library services - $9.76 million
  • Black Forest Road South Level 2 Community Centre - $7.05 million
  • Manor Lakes Northern Hub – Integrated Family Centre Master Plan Implementation - $4.68 million
  • Truganina South East Master Plan Delivery - $12.31 million
  • Sports pavilion upgrades - $5.60 million
  • Maintaining Wyndham’s infrastructure assets - $8.35 million
  • Tarneit North Master Plan Implementation - $12.17 million
  • Regional Soccer Facility - $11.50 million
  • Local road reconstruction and resurfacing - $12.90 million
  • Youth programs and services - $5.09 million
  • Active Transport Network - $4 million
  • Alfred Road Reserve Master Plan design - $1.15 million
  • Presidents Park Master Plan design - $0.52 million
  • Widening Little River roads - $5.00 million
  • Lighting the West - $3.80 million
  • Greening the Pipeline - $3.20 million
  • K Road Cliffs Master Plan Implementation - $1.06 million
  • In-home care support to enable older people to live independently - $1.19 million

Wyndham City provides a range of infrastructure and services that support the wellbeing of the local community. We run community centres and libraries, provide early years and maternal health services, and maintain local parks and open spaces. We also maintain local roads, and provide rubbish collection and waste disposal services, along with a range of other local infrastructure and services designed to improve the lives of Wyndham residents. But there are many issues and service gaps affecting our community that we can’t solve on our own. We’re largely reliant on other levels of government to fund and provide the infrastructure and services our community needs to prosper.

To find out more about our advocacy priorities, visit Securing Wyndham’s Future.

The proposed total Capital Works Budget is $201 million – a record amount, including nearly $68 million in Developer Contributions. This includes funding for new sports ovals, community centres, playgrounds, new and existing roads and other major initiatives.

A total of $3 million has been proposed in Grants and Contributions for 2021/22. Last year Wyndham City provided an additional $2.2 million in grants to eligible small businesses as part of COVID-19 Economic Support Package.

A total of $2.4 million has been allocated. This money includes the budget to run a full program of performances and to support local artists.

A funding amount of $70,000 has been proposed to begin a feasibility study for a third major Indoor Sports Facility. Wyndham’s future planning identifies that four new Indoor Sports Facilities will be built between now and 2045, and the study will consider the appropriate timing for the delivery of those facilities as well as possible funding models. At this stage, it is not known whether it will be an aquatic or indoor sports centre. Due to the high cost of a proposed facility, it is likely Council will require State and Federal Government assistance to fund the long-term project.

Council has proposed millions of dollars in this Budget on environment-related projects, including the Wyn-R: Reduction, Renewables, Resilience Program to further reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

This program includes:

  • Installation and management of solar panels across all new buildings
  • Increased solar production through carparking shade structures
  • Energy storage facilities (batteries) to improve off-grid capability and blackout response for appropriate sites across Wyndham

Council proposes $3.8 million toward phase three of Lighting the West to replace street lights with energy efficient LED lights. Council has already replaced 17,148 lights, and over the coming 12 months will replace a further 2,368.

Council proposes $3.2 million for the Greening the Pipeline Project. This project aims to transform 27 kilometres of the heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer reserve into a continuous parkland.

A further $1 million has been proposed for implementation of the K Road Cliffs Masterplan and funding for the Coastal and Marine Management Plan.

More than $33 million is being proposed for Parks, Open Spaces and Streetscapes. Big ticket items include:

  • $12 million for the Regional Soccer facility (land and infrastructure) in Tarneit
  • $8.6 million for landscape works at Bensonhurst Parade Reserve in Point Cook
  • $2 million for playground and park upgrades
  • $3.2 million for Greening the Pipeline
  • $1.4 million for Grange Reserve Synthetic Pitch Resurfacing

A total of $9.76 million has been set aside for libraries and library services.

A total of $56 million is proposed for new and existing roads.

$4 million has been proposed for the Active Transport Strategy. The Active Transport strategy is a 10-year plan to connect the missing links in our walking and cycling paths to improve access for residents and visitors travelling either on foot, bikes or scooters and those using wheelchairs and prams.

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