Our new Asset Plan was adopted by Council in June.

Download the engagement report below to see how we responded to your feedback or fill in the survey to tell us what you thought about our process.

Asset Plan Background

Wyndham City is responsible for creating, maintaining and managing assets to deliver Council’s services, to ensure we realise our Wyndham 2040 vision.

The reason assets exist are to provide services to the community. Roads exist to help people move around the city, parks exist for people to play, socialise and recreate, facilities exist to provide a wide range of services in a safe environment, Our drainage network exists to keep our properties free from water damage. All assets exist because there was a service need identified, and infrastructure provided to support that need. We need to keep providing assets for our community to use and also ensure that our assets are well managed for future generations. For this reason, the Asset Plan includes information about maintenance, renewal, acquisition, expansion, upgrade, and disposal in relation to each major asset class under the control of the Council.

The Wyndham Asset Plan ensures effective investment in assets which need it most by having a planned, systematic approach to asset management. with an asset base of over $4.7 billion and growing, our ability to fund the renewal of our assets over the long term is impacted by the services and service levels that Council provides today and into the future. It is for this reason that we asked the community to provide recommendations on Councils services and service levels to guide our future financial and asset planning.

The Wyndham Asset Plan shapes our investment in assets over the next 10 years. It outlines how Wyndham City will create, maintain, manage and adapt all assets to deliver Council services, responding to the challenges and opportunities of change while ensuring our resilience and realising our Wyndham 2040 Community Vision.

Deliberative Approach

To ensure Council is delivering for our community, we recruited 40 members from the People's Advisory Panel to participate in the deliberative engagement process for the Asset Plan. The recruited Panel members represented a 'mini Wyndham' which reflected the diversity of our community.

The Deliberative Approach for the Asset Plan saw panel members taken through a series of workshops where they received information about Wyndham services and assets, deliberated and came back to the Council with a report written by themselves. The report developed by the group has been used as an important input to help inform future service and asset strategic planning.

Watch the Deliberative Asset Plan video on the right of this page to learn more about the process.

Asset Plan Quick Facts

Council manages a range of different assets all across Wyndham. Here are some examples of just how many assets this includes in our City.