The 2022/23 Budget was adopted by Council in June.

Download the engagement report to see how we responded to your Budget feedback or fill in our survey to tell us what you thought about our process.

Draft Annual Plan & Budget 2022/23

Each year Wyndham City Council prepares an Annual Plan and Budget which outlines the priorities for Council to deliver in the next financial year.

Throughout January and February this year, we heard more than 430 important local ideas from residents throughout our initial engagement period for the Budget. Councillors also held Pop-Up conversation events across Point Cook, Little River, Tarneit and Werribee to engage with the community.

You can find out more about this in our Community Engagement Report. All of these insights and ideas have been used to inform the Draft Annual Plan and Budget 2022/23.

Budget Highlights

The 2022/23 Draft Annual Budget presents a vision for the Wyndham community as we rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic and build a strong foundation for the future.

The Draft Budget is about delivering a more liveable city. It is a responsible and considered proposed Draft Budget that delivers a $168.3 million Capital Works Program – the second largest on record. It is designed to improve City pride, build and enhance Parks and Open Space, Protect the Local Environment and keep Wyndham Active.

This Budget isn’t just about infrastructure – service delivery is also at the forefront. We’re proposing to spend $14.72 million on maternal and child health and immunisations services, $10.3 million to operate our local libraries. More than $18 million will be spent on Kindergarten and Child Centre services. $10 million has been allocated to build a new Waste and Baling facility at the RDF (tip).

We have increased Community Grants to $1.45 million – a record amount, putting more funds in the hands of community groups and organisations to run programs and events that make a difference locally.

You can find a number of FAQs on the side of the page which provide some additional information about the Budget.

2022/23 Draft Annual Plan and Budget Council Budget Highlights

View some of our Budget highlights below.

2022/23 Draft Council Budget Highlights

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