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Advocacy at Wyndham

We're seeking your feedback on Council's Advocacy Strategy 2024-2026. Priorities in the strategy are reviewed and updated quarterly and the most recent version is ready for your feedback.

Advocacy in the context of local government is the act of obtaining Government support for a project, policy or program.

Advocacy can take many forms in a local government setting, including ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders to make clear priorities and explore opportunities for partnerships, lobbying, building relationships with decision-makers, or public campaigns. Each advocacy effort will have its own ‘ask’ – the outcome that it seeks to achieve.

Advocacy does not always achieve instant results. Some advocacy priorities are long-term undertakings that respond to complex issues.

Watch this short video that explains the roles and responsibilities at Council

Local – advocacy on issues or opportunities of local significance to Wyndham.

Regional - advocacy on issues and opportunities that relate to the western region specifically.

State & Federal - advocacy on issues that impact the entire state or are nation-wide.

Advocacy priorities are the specific asks or actions we request from different stakeholders on behalf of the Wyndham Community.

Our priorities are constantly changing, based on political cycles, successful advocacy efforts, and new and emerging priorities. They include but are not limited to:

  • Economic opportunities: including developments that create local jobs, such as the activation of the East Werribee Employment Precinct.
  • Transport infrastructure and services: including the realisation of the Western Rail Plan, additional train stations, and increased bus services.
  • Community and sporting infrastructure: funding for the delivery of new and upgrade of existing community and sporting infrastructure, including sporting reserves and pavilions, community centres, and libraries.
  • Road upgrades: investment in the upgrade of existing arterial roads and highways, and the construction of new road connections to ease congestion.
  • Service delivery: investment to continue to deliver services to our fast-growing community, including maternal and child health, early childhood education, youth services and mental health services.
  • Environment and sustainability: investment to protect the natural environment, increased tree canopies, and investment in renewable energy solutions.

As advocacy priorities arise, they are individually scored using an assessment criteria and prioritisation matrix.

Securing Wyndham’s Future 2018

Advocacy Strategy 2024-26

  • A list of priorities that we are seeking State or Federal investment in.
  • Evidence-based approach to justify the priorities.
  • Strategic partners identified.
  • A clear definition of advocacy.
  • Key stakeholders and strategic partners.
  • Advocacy actions and approaches.
  • Clearly defined roles for advocacy.
  • A clear framework for assessing and ranking priorities.
  • Actions identified to strengthen advocacy actions.

Roles and responsibilities of Council

Watch this short video to learn how the different levels of government impact how and what we advocate for.

How to get involved

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