Consultation for this project has concluded. 

Consultation for this project has finished. Subscribe to this page for updates and next stages.

A copy of the background report can be downloaded from the document library. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of the report.

Project background

A sustainable future for Wyndham City

Wyndham City and City of Melton are working together to prepare management plans for the Western Plains South Green Wedge (WPSGW). The management plans will provide a framework to support sustainable land use, land management, and development of the WPSGW.

As the WPSGW is spread over two municipalities, ultimately two management plans will be prepared. However, future use and development of the WPSGW will be guided by a single vision and shared principles, and underpinned by background reports for each municipality. The plans will be developed in five stages and we are currently in Stage Two.

What is the land area that we are looking at?

The extent of the study area is highlighted in the map below (you can also download a larger version of the map in the document library on the left hand side) by the red outline. Whilst the background reports focus on land within the study area, they also consider the role and influence of major current and future land uses surrounding the study area. Please note, the boundaries of the darker shaded areas, including the Western Grasslands Reserve, Eynesbury township and the Urban Growth Boundary are fixed and will not be reviewed by this study.

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