Engagement closed on Sunday 11 December.

Download the engagement report below to see how we will use your feedback or fill in the survey to tell us what you thought of our process.

Rosslare Court Reserve is getting a makeover!

Each year Wyndham City undertakes upgrades to improve our open spaces and parks.

Rosslare Court Reserve in Hoppers Crossing is in need of an upgrade to provide more diverse play and recreational opportunities to better cater for residents in the surrounding neighbourhood, and to enhance the beautiful natural elements of the Reserve.

As a result, Council has produced a concept design for the Reserve including a range of changes to improve the space.

We want to improve the Reserve and provide upgrades while enhancing the existing natural aesthetic of the Reserve and maintaining open lawn areas, as requested by the community during the first round of community consultation.

What will the new design include?

What will the new design include?

Upgrades to Rosslare Court Reserve will include:

What does it look like now?

Rosslare Court Reserve is a large open space ready for an upgrade. Currently, the open areas of the Reserve provide a great opportunity to activate the space and provide new infrastructure for local residents.

View the below video to see what Rosslare Court Reserve currently looks like.

How did we get here?

First round of engagement

Our first round of engagement in August 2021 asked for ideas on how we could improve the Reserve, how you currently like to use the Reserve, what new features your would like included and for your feedback on our initial concept design.

What you told us

We made the following changes to our design for Rosslare Court Reserve based on what you told us last year.

  • The playspace has been moved for a better connection with Rosslare Court as well as better viewpoints for safety.
  • The existing dense tree planting will be thinned and only tall canopy trees will be kept for better visual access.
  • The upgrade encourages more use of the Reserve, meaning more people around for an increased sense of safety.
  • Improvements to the Hawthorn Drive play area will restrict monkey bikes in the Reserve.

  • The playspace has been re-located to activate an underutilised area and make use of existing trees in the Reserve.
  • Reducing the size of the playspace means we won't over-develop the natural Reserve and will keep the large lawn space.
  • The natural elements of the Reserve are being improved with environmental wetland elements.
Play types/Features

We received a lot of feedback around how you would like to use the upgraded Reserve:

  • Scooting/cycling/loop track – we've included a circuit path in the design.
  • Ball games/running – an open lawn space is included in the design.
  • Exploring/touching – exploring spaces under existing trees, as well as nature play and rock swale is included.
  • Picnic settings and seating – multiple seating areas with tree shade and two picnic areas are included.
  • Balancing, climbing units and swings will be incorporated into play equipment.

Rosslare Court Reserve - Concept Plan

How to get involved

Share your feedback on our plans to improve Rosslare Court Reserve so we can gain a better understanding of what you like about our concept design. Your feedback will be used to help shape the final detailed design of the upgrades for the space.

The survey closed on Sunday 11 December.

Come and chat with us!

Members of the project team will be at Rosslare Court Reserve on Tuesday 6 December from 11AM - 1PM and 3PM - 6PM.

No registration required, just come and meet the team and share your feedback in person or ask any questions you might have about Hoppers Junction.