Project update

The Manor Lakes Active Open Space Master Plan was adopted at Council on 28 September 2021

Help shape the future of a new reserve at Holyoake Road in Manor Lakes.

We’re currently planning for the future use, management and development of the Manor Lakes North Active Open Space and want to hear your thoughts on our draft Master Plan.

This Master Plan has been developed in line with strategic objectives from:

In addition to those strategic objectives, we've been hearing from Wyndham City residents a desire to be connected and have opportunities to stay fit and healthy through the development of sport and leisure facilities, lesser known sports, and walking and cycling.

In response to this, Council outlined a plan to increase access for all members of our community to sport and recreation facilities – allowing access regardless of age, culture, location and ability.

The draft Manor Lakes North Active Open Space Master Plan incorporates all of this and provides a good balance for how the community wish to use this reserve as we work to deliver this new sporting and recreation facility to a fast-growing corridor of Wyndham City.

To stay up to date as the project progresses, please follow to stay informed.