• 7.Leadership, Personal Growth, Cultural Expression

    Facilitating local leadership development and investing in personal growth

Maintaining and further developing a cohesive and inclusive Wyndham will rely on leadership from people at all Life Stages. Wyndham offers a number of opportunities for people to develop skills in community and workplace leadership. The Learning Community Strategy seeks to extend informal learning opportunities for people across the Life Stages, in particular youth, to understand their leadership potential and capabilities and to pathway into recognised leadership development initiatives.

The joy of learning lies in knowledge development, confidence building, resilience, cultural expression and personal growth for individuals. Formal and informal learning including through music and the arts, provides opportunities for people of all ages to develop skills, create relationships, extend community connections, ignite passions and celebrate learning across Wyndham.

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6 February, 2023

Martin says:

Yes as a draft. Other key areas to be considered...