• 6. Employability, Vocational & Professional Skills

    Building the confidence of learners to enter the workforce

The creation of a successful transition to work culture, and the employability skills to support that

culture, is both an economic and social imperative for Wyndham. The youth unemployment rate is persistently higher than the overall unemployment rate and young people in part time or casual employment take an extended time to transition fully into work.

Over the next 15 years the 12–24-year age group in Wyndham is set to more than double, adding 41,049

youths. This growth poses an immediate and long-term challenge for Wyndham to understand best practice in transition to work and to explore new approaches to shifting persistent youth unemployment and

poor transition to work rates.

A competitive local economy where business and industry is reaping the benefits of a globally connected marketplace relies on skilled and capable workers. The opportunities presented by new digital technology, combined with a sophisticated and empowered customer base, has led to increasing value being placed by employers on workers who are highly skilled vocationally, are effective communicators, are able to innovate as they identify and solve problems and who are accountable for quality work.

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