• 3. Digital Fundamentals and New Media

    Providing opportunities to learn digital and new media skills as it relates to work and everyday life and learning

The assumption of pervasive digital access and accompanying skills underpins the way business is now conducted and services offered, including Government services. The digital divide, however, is widening for many people, in particular older adults and people who have come to Australia as refugees. Without digital fundamentals there will be people in Wyndham who will be disadvantaged in accessing services, work and learning.

In addition to the imperative for digital fundamentals, new digital media, including robotics, augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence, is set to change the way people work, the way services are delivered and the way people connect. Equity and access to digital fundamentals and a population that embraces new media will facilitate Wyndham as a smart community for business, work, living and learning.

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