Consultation for this project has concluded.

The Lawrie Emmins Reserve Master Plan was adopted by Council in December 2019.

A copy of the master plan can be downloaded from the document library. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of this master plan. For further information on the project as it enters the construction phase please see Council's capital works dashboard.

Project background

Have your say on Lawrie Emmins Reserve - an expansive outdoor space with significant potential for the community.

Help shape the long-term strategy for the future use, management and development of Lawrie Emmins Reserve.

Lawrie Emmins Reserve in Laverton North is one of Wyndham’s most significant open spaces at over 70ha in size, and is considered a largely undeveloped regional park. Given the size of the site, a ‘Vision for the reserve’ has been prepared in the form of a draft master plan.

The ‘Vision for the reserve’ will guide the potential future development of the reserve towards 2040. A range of active open space facilities, passive open space areas, and community and arts facilities are proposed to create a reserve where people can engage in healthy activity and come together as a community.

The draft master plan sets out a new visionary framework for the development of the reserve, replacing the previous master plan. It will create opportunities for increased community use of the reserve whilst enhancing its appeal, amenity, safety, and environmental values and status as a regional park.

Vision for the reserve

Detailed below are key points in relation to the vision for the reserve. Further details on the draft master plan here.

The vision for the reserve is forward thinking toward 2040, aspiring to create a major regional reserve that is significantly different to its existing condition, yet maintaining some of its current botanical characteristics.

The vision for the reserve is designed to service the sport, recreation, open space and community infrastructure needs of residents from across Wyndham and within the local area. These needs have been identified through extensive strategic planning, informed by community engagement, that has been undertaken by Council over the past decade.

The draft plan proposes:

  • A major Cycling Sports Precinct with Road Cycling Track, BMX Track, Pump Track, Outdoor Velodrome, Traffic School and Motocross
  • Sport and recreation ovals with a pavilion, suitable for a range of sports and events
  • Welcoming family and youth areas including large playground, picnic areas, BBQ facilities, multi-use courts, bouldering wall and skate/scooter park
  • Upgraded archery target area
  • Wetlands with decks and boardwalks, improvements to grassland and a botanical garden, preserving the unique natural features of the park
  • New accessible path network/fitness trail, toilets, shade and seating
  • Community, arts and culture infrastructure

The potential transformation of this reserve would be a staged approach and would be require significant investment. Funding sources other than Council would be critical in the realisation of this vision.

The draft master plan proposes the long-term vision of the reserve with the city’s future population firmly in mind.