Project background

The Greening the Pipeline initiative aims to transform the 27km long heritage listed Main Outfall Sewer (MOS) Reserve into a vibrant space that will connect communities, enhance active transport , manage water sensitively and provide a unique place to meet, play and relax.

For the purposes of planning, the MOS reserve is divided into nine distinct Zones.

The master plan for the Zone 5 section, between Skeleton Creek Truganina to Lawrie Emmins reserve Laverton of the MOS Reserve was completed in 2018 and endorsed at the Ordinary Council Meeting in December 2018.

Developed through a collaborative and consultative process involving the project partners, traditional owners, school children and local community, the Zone 5 masterplan presents a vision for community connection. The final master plan is available in document library.

This project is empowered by a collaborative alliance between Melbourne Water, Wyndham City Council, Greater Western Water, Department of Transport and supported by Greening the West.

Melbourne Water owns the MOS and associated structures such as the historic aqueduct- the Red Brick Bridge that crosses Skeleton Creek.

The 40 meter wide MOS Reserve is Crown land managed by Department of Transport for the purpose of the Federation Trail.

Most of the MOS Reserve (about 20km) travels through the City of Wyndham and improving the reserve is a great opportunity to contribute to open space for the local community and create a linear park of regional significance.

The MOS and the 40metre wide MOS reserve are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register for its historical and scientific (engineering) significance to the state of Victoria and protected under the Heritage Act.

Planning for other sections of the MOS reserve is underway including Zone 9 near Kororoit Creek Brooklyn and Zone 4 in Hoppers Crossing.