Our new Master Plan was adopted by Council in July

Download the engagement report below to see how we responded to your feedback or fill in the survey to tell us what you thought about our process.


We’re currently planning for the future use, management and development of the Fortitude Drive Reserve Active Open Space.

The proposed use of the space has been developed in line with strategic objectives outlined in Wyndham's Sports Strategy and Active Wyndham and the Wyndham 2040 Vision and will guide the development of the master plan for this space. These strategies guide Council's planning on what is needed throughout Wyndham.

As the community grows and needs change we need to ensure that the strategic planning we have previously done matches up with current community expectations and needs.

About the space

The Draft Master Plan for Fortitude Drive Reserve presents a long term vision for the Truganina site that will be realised over time as the community grows and funding becomes available.

The first stage of development will deliver key athletics infrastructure to meet current municipal need. This first stage is estimated to cost approximately $8.83M in line with the nominated budget available to initially develop the site.

All other elements of the proposed Draft Master Plan will be delivered as part of a future stage subject to funding availability. These works have been estimated to cost approximately $6.67M to deliver.

How to get involved

We want you to have your say and tell us your thoughts on the Draft Master Plan. Your important feedback will be used to help finalise the Plan before it is endorsed by Council later this year. Add a marker to the Draft Master Plan and tell us your thoughts or fill in the below survey and let us know what you think.

Draft Master Plan - Long Term Vision



A Master Plan is a long term vision that establishes a framework and key elements of how a park can be developed.

The following principles guide the development of a Master Plan:

  • A 10-20 year vision to develop the site, subject to ongoing needs analysis and available funding;
  • Current trends and future forecasts through to 2045;
  • Relevant information, site constraints and consultation with stakeholders; and
  • A high level implementation plan with identified priorities for development and budget estimates.

Master Plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant with current trends to meet the needs of the community.

Noting the principles that guide the development of a Master Plan, the project team has undertaken six (6) key project Objectives as seen below to develop the plan:

  • Project Appreciation;
  • Site Analysis;
  • Concept Planning;
  • Confirmation of Planning;
  • Community Engagement and Consultation; and
  • Final Endorsement.

As part of Objective two (2), engagement occurred with existing user groups and key stakeholders.
Currently the Fortitude Drive Reserve Draft Master Plan is in Objective five (5) Community Consultation.

Council as part of its Wyndham Sports Strategy (2017) and Active Wyndham (2019) has a priority to offer an increased diversity of open spaces and facilities for people to be active. A key action is the planning for active spaces to meet emerging needs. Fortitude Drive Reserve is one of many key Greenfield Active Open Space Reserves identified in the growth areas of Wyndham. This Master Plan opportunity was funded as part of the 2020/21 budget process.

Fortitude Drive Reserve is a district level active open space located on the border of Tarneit and Truganina on the corner of Morris Rd and Fortitude Drive. The site is approximately 12.96 hectares and the draft stage 1 concept plan includes a Municipal level Athletics Facility including car park and sports pavilion.

An aerial image showcasing the Draft Concept Plan – Long Term Vision can be found in the ‘Document Library’.

Fortitude Drive Reserve has a number of factors that have been considered in the master planning process. These include, although not limited to:

  • The need to future proof Athletics facilities in Wyndham;
  • Enhancing connectivity within the reserve;
  • The importance of access to open space with increased residential development surrounding the area.

A Master Plan is a long-term vision of how a site may be developed, subject to needs analysis and funding. Stage one will be funded by both Council and Developer Contribution funds.

Council will look at a variety of funding sources for the future development of the site, including other government agencies. Future organisations or clubs that operate from the site may also seek funding from various sources to develop aspects of the Master Plan. As the Master Plan has been guided by community input, all development will be in line with the Master Plan’s vision.