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Wyndham 2040 sets out a vision for the sort of place Wyndham should be, this includes:

  • Wyndham will be a family friendly city.

  • Relationships between family members will be strong.

This Charter is an initiative of Wyndham’s Family Friendly Portfolio Committee. It outlines the principles and guidelines to inform how Council and its partners work with, and support, families.

Purpose of the Charter

Wyndham’s Family Friendly City Charter:

  • Recognises the economic and social contribution of the care families provide

  • Recognises the value families add to developing and delivering services, infrastructure and policies affecting their lives

  • Sets out how Council will ensure decision-making is inclusive and mindful of the life-cycle needs of families in Wyndham

  • Commits Council to speaking out against all forms of violence or abuse against children, women or others in the Wyndham community

  • Underlines Council’s support and encouragement of businesses, community groups and community members to implement policies, strategies and safeguards that protect children.

The Wyndham Family Friendly City Charter recognises and focuses ona diverse range of family and groupings in Wyndham and the need to both targetand support families with and without children

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