Two new policies to help green our city

We've created two new policies to help you get more involved in open spaces across Wyndham.

Our community often reaches out to Council asking how they can contribute to the maintenance and beautification of our crucial open spaces.

Our new Community Garden and Adopt-A-Park Policies highlight how and when this community involvement can take place.

The Community Garden Policy encourages the creation of new gardens in suitable locations while also making sure they are managed responsibly. Our aim is not only to create new gardens across Wyndham but to increase community resilience and local engagement.

The Adopt-A-Park Policy actively supports individuals to participate in the stewardship of our open spaces. By entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Council, community groups can participate in the upkeep of our parks, helping them to learn new skills and create new local connections.

How to get involved

We want your feedback to help finalise our two Draft Policies before they are presented back to Council later this year for adoption. Read more about each of the Draft Policies via the Document Library before you share your feedback.

Provide your feedback before 11:59PM Sunday 21 April 2024.