Your feedback helped

Read about the first stage of this project and how we used your feedback to create the Design Principles.

Stage 1 engagement - July - September 2024

Our first round of engagement saw our first ever Community Infrastructure Design Review. The engagement aimed to collect information about how design helps or hinders outcomes or experiences so we can continually refine, improve and inform future designs that reflect the community of Wyndham.

Who did we hear from?


Design principles are important guidelines that inform the process of creating and evaluating designs. These principles are a framework or set of considerations that guide designers to make informed decisions when designing products, systems or experiences.

In the context of building community infrastructure at Wyndham City Council, these principles will help inform architects about what is important to the people of Wyndham when designing community buildings. The principles will help Wyndham make improvements to the design guide and create design briefs that reflect community values.

The design principles are intended to provide the overarching direction of community infrastructure design and will inform our conversations with you during community engagement for new projects.

We are collecting feedback from people who use services at community buildings, staff and volunteers. Feedback gathered from the survey and in person will be reviewed and used to improve design of future buildings. We will also be developing a series of design principles.

These principles will be used to design future community buildings in Wyndham, like community centres, libraries, kindergartens, family centres, arts and youth spaces.

Once we have developed the design principles, we will share them with the community and seek feedback to ensure they reflect your views.

People in Wyndham use community centres and buildings for many different reasons. So it's important that we hear from everyone! Please share your thoughts so we can keep improving our infrastructure.

No. The focus of this project is building design. This means we want to hear your feedback on things like lighting, signage and how easy it is to move around in the building.

We will not ask you to tell us what services should be inside buildings or where they should be located in Wyndham. But we do care about your thoughts on those areas too!

Wyndham City's plans to grow our services to meet community needs are outlined in our 10-year Asset Management Plan and Annual Plans and Budgets. When we develop those plans, we always ask you what you think. Make sure you sign up to The Loop so you are notified when we are seeking feedback on those plans.

Right now, we are interested in your thoughts on how it feels to be inside a community building. Does it feel safe? Welcoming? Easy to navigate? You tell us!



Community, sport and recreation (including club rooms, pavillions and sporting infrastructure)


Public amenities and structures (including community centres and libraries)


Kindergartens, maternal and child health


Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities (including AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium)


Cultural Facilities (including Encore Events Centre and the Wyndham Cultural Centre)


Government Administration (including the Civic Centre)


All community centres across Wyndham are different. There are four different 'levels' of community centres which are determined based on the services required to support a certain size population.

These include:

  • Level 1 (generally up to 10,000 people): Kindergarten and maternal and child health services
  • Level 2 (generally between 10,000 and 30,000 people): Kindergarten, maternal and child health, consult and community spaces and services
  • Level 3 (generally between 30,000 and 60,000 people): Kindergarten, maternal and child health, consult, community space, library, arts & culture services
  • Level 4 (total municipality): Kindergarten, maternal and child health, consult, community space, unique service functions (e.g. health hub)

This review will help us develop design principles that will guide the design of future community buildings in Wyndham, like community centres, libraries, kindergartens, family centres, arts and youth spaces.

For this review, we selected a mix of community buildings based on age, location and capacity which represent the range of community buildings in Wyndham.

The nine community buildings selected include buildings that were built recently as well as one that are well established.

The selection also includes buildings that are located across different suburbs and neighborhoods as well as buildings that have smaller spaces as well as larger spaces with more capacity.