Our new Framework was adopted in September.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see our responses to your feedback.

We've developed a new framework which we've called Living Your Best Life In Wyndham.

The aim of the framework is to identify community needs and expectations across all life stages so we can plan and deliver services and facilities to meet these needs.

Extensive research and community engagement show that the needs of the Wyndham community have significantly changed in recent years. Wyndham City is responding by changing how we plan and deliver our community services. We’re implementing the Lifecourse Framework, a flexible new approach that will help us work with the community and service providers to promote better health and wellbeing in a rapidly changing world.

What does it mean and how will it improve community services in Wyndham?

It is common practice for local governments and other service providers to have separate strategies for children in their early years, youth and older people. Our community’s rapidly evolving needs call for a much more collaborative, dynamic and flexible approach which is the primary purpose of this framework.

The Lifecourse Framework embodies a seamless approach to lifecourse service planning that’s designed to:

  • facilitate collaboration between Wyndham City’s service functions as well as those delivered by other organisations
  • promote smoother transitions between services as individuals move through different life stages
  • give our community more influence over what services are provided and how they’re delivered
  • empower our community by facilitating and supporting community-led initiatives.

Guiding Principles of the Framework

The following set of principles will guide how Wyndham City performs its role.

How did we get here?

Through a three month community engagement period hearing from 121 survey respondents, 500 community conversations and an internal professional stakeholder conference, we have developed a deeper understanding of residents’ lived experiences and incorporated a future-focused approach centred around the community’s vision for the future of Wyndham.

The key findings and recommendations plus the latest in social research were used to design a draft Lifecourse Framework that empowers the community with the opportunities, resources and services needed to navigate a rapidly changing world.

How to get involved

We want you to tell us your thoughts on our new Draft Framework. Your important feedback will be used to help finalise the Framework before it is reported back to Council later this year. Fill in the survey below and let us know what you think.