• 5. Liveable Residential Neighbourhoods

    Important and liveable residential neigbourhoods that deliver quality residential development.

Wyndham will require more diverse and affordable housing to accommodate its growing population. Additional housing will occur within and close to the City Heart, the Neighbourhood Pulses and the Derrimut Road Boulevard but also will be provided in the urban growth areas to the west and north. The Liveable Residential Neighbourhoods big idea is about ensuring that these newly created and developing residential neighbourhoods are better planned, designed and developed as accessible, liveable, integrated and vibrant urban environments.

Underpinned by the concept of 20-minute neighbourhoods outlined, this big idea is all about achieving greater levels of liveability for many thousands of existing and future residents living in the urban growth areas of Wyndham.

The new approach proposed prioritizes infrastructure delivery in the Neighbourhood Pulses with surrounding and new and emerging residential neighbourhoods to be integrated with these as effectively as possible. Building on the Neighbourhood Pulses an integrated active transport network of walking, cycling and micro-mobility paths and public transport services within each developing and future residential neighbourhood will be prioritized.

This will help to ensure more direct, safe and easy access to the jobs, services and facilities located in the nearest mixed-use, higher density neighbourhood pulse servicing a number of residential areas. Community infrastructure for these new communities will be prioritized in highly accessible key locations with higher order community services and facilities located in Neighbourhood Pulses close to where people live.

Currently, developing and emerging residential neighbourhoods in Wyndham lack choice in the type of housing available to purchase or rent and experience challenges in relation to affordability. Single detached dwellings dominate the market and yet it is anticipated that more diversity in the housing market is needed to accommodate anticipated growth in single and two person households. Integral to the concept of liveable residential neighbourhoods is a mix of household types and age groups – where people can remain in the local community and upsize or downsize their housing as their lifestyles, budgets and needs change. Greater housing densities and more housing choice is needed in these new and emerging residential neighbourhoods.

As a minimum an average of 25- 30 dwellings per Net Developable Hectare (NDHa) will be required in these new and emerging residential neighbourhoods. This average density will not be met by just reducing allotment sizes still with one dwelling per lot as has been the practice. The increased density and diversity of housing typologies is to be delivered across each development with a focus on medium density and greater housing choice in key locations supported by essential urban infrastructure. For example, adjacent to local neighbourhood centres and within Neighbourhood Pulses are preferred locations.

Council will encourage and support developers to prepare design guidance for new subdivisions and new housing that will:

  • integrate the process of subdivision with housing densities and typologies, dwelling design and orientation
  • deliver architectural diversity and design excellence in the housing stock being delivered
  • deliver affordable housing in appropriate locations
  • deliver a sense of address for a particular development that sets it apart from other developments in the area
  • deliver the capacity for tree planting in front and rear yards
  • discourage dark roofs and encourage the use of light-coloured roofs to dwellings
  • discourage double garages to the fronts of dwellings with wide driveways that detract from the capacity to support trees
  • encourage the use of rear laneways in new subdivisions enabling access to secure garages
  • integrate and connect safe pedestrian and cycle paths complemented by street tree planting to local destinations such as shops, schools, parks etc

The quality and design of the public realm of Wyndham’s new and emerging residential neighbourhoods are fundamental to the liveability, appeal and attractiveness of these areas. A public realm that is well designed, inviting and memorable encourages people to walk, mingle and recreate. It nurtures community pride in their local area, attracts investment in jobs and services and contributes to social interaction and cohesion.

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3 March, 2023

Rini says:

Is there going to be varied council rates for these new residential neighbourhoods. Will they be subsidised?

3 March, 2023

Dushyant says:

Hi, Why is there no plan to build a school in Williams Landing?

2 March, 2023

Bun says:

What's the point of having more high density housing if there are no services to support it. Fix the services that support community first.

22 February, 2023

Zhu Bajie says:

A Shopping Mall in Williams Landing! Look at that big wide field next to Woolies and M1 Freeway.

22 February, 2023

Em says:

Why is it a common perception that everyone wants high density housing?

21 February, 2023

tree123 says:

Developers need to stop being allowed to mass produce shoe box sized blocks. Until infrastructure can cope, Larger blocks & less houses!

17 February, 2023

Matt says:

People live here because they want a house, not an apartment in a complex. Has that been thought of?

16 February, 2023

Adele says:

Incorporate designated space for gardens and canopy trees on private land. High density housing increases risk of urban heat islands

16 February, 2023

Linda wing says:

So lots more square box looking housing with limited access for emergency vehicles. Really, seriously, really

15 February, 2023

Ravi says:

Any plans for school in Williams landing

14 February, 2023

carole says:

Horrid. Obviously we shouldn't be growing to this size of we can't fit them in without squeezing them in. Sounds like $ cow project.

14 February, 2023

Spike says:

Tarneit needs to be cleaned up and maintained. There is rubbish everwhere. Dumping and litter is a major problem.