• 2. A City Heart

    Our City Heart will transform Wyndham from a 2-hour to a 20-minute city.

20-Minute City is more than just a grouping of 20-minute neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Pulses highlight the need to concentrate activity in certain parts of the city to create urban places in Wyndham to support the suburbs.

The Neighbourhood Pulses also need to be supported by a central urban location that is capable of servicing the whole of Wyndham and its future population of approximately 500,000 people.

We call this central urban location City Heart. Spatially, Wyndham needs a City Heart to provide a lifeblood to its Neighbourhood Pulses.

Neighbourhood Pulses need a City Heart

Every city needs a heart. A city heart that is vibrant, people friendly and diverse in its make-up and functions. A city heart that connects us all. A city heart comprising different precincts or parts which are seamlessly connected to one another by walking, cycling, e-transport (e-scooters/e-bikes) and public transport services. A city heart that expands the experiences and opportunities available to the community. Wyndham needs a city heart – a place to connect, congregate and celebrate.

Currently the activity centres along the Werribee Metro rail spine from Werribee in the west to Williams Landing in the east compete with one another rather than offering different experiences and opportunities.

Werribee National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC)

The area of the City Heart embraces the five major activity centres that combine to create the Werribee National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC).

As identified in the Draft Western Metro Land Use Framework Plan, the Werribee NEIC (below), is a major employment and knowledge intensive cluster with various health and education institutions and a range of high-tech research companies in the food and agricultural industries. It currently provides around 8400 jobs but has potential for more than 50,000 jobs in health, education and high technology research.

A total of 106 hectares of future commercial land is identified within the Werribee NEIC, which represents 19 per cent of the region’s identified future commercial land (DELWP, 2020). This underlines the importance of the NEIC in the provision of future jobs for the region. The NEIC can continue to build on its existing assets by maximising opportunities presented by the significant availability of land for future commercial and industrial purposes.

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8 February, 2023

Jack says:

It's a good idea. Also need to reforest the area. Walking/bike/scooter trails through urban forested areas. Buy back land where necessary

8 February, 2023

Bsak70@yahoo.com says:

I believe that the plan should be implemented. That plan will help to grow future Wyndham community more connected. Jobs will be created.

6 February, 2023

andysa says:

If you want the West to become livable for families we need 2 things - Better secondary schools (Public and Catholic) and a hospital.

6 February, 2023

Bpragmatic says:

By 2040, a large percentage of vehicles will be electric. There will need to be charging facilities and good traffic flow to maximize range.

5 February, 2023

Trudy says:

140 characters! What can I tell you in that? Looks like you don't really want my feedback. More swimming pools locally to keep me active!

13 January, 2023

Mandy..... says:

Time to slow development until these plans can be further investigated and let's fix safety and infrastructure first please.

9 January, 2023

Resident says:

It's actually nice to space that's not filled. Open areas is what is needed to create community. Jamb everyone in together = problems.

29 December, 2022

mpoke says:

More secondary schools!!

29 December, 2022

MP says:

It's all very vague. Let's see some artist renderings and visualisations. Let's see some specific plans instead of vague ideas & buzzwords.

28 December, 2022

FW7 says:

Please include Point Cook in plans - needs a train station, local hospital, cinema and better roads - M1 to city congested every day.

28 December, 2022

FW7 says:

Wyndham needs better public transport (more trains) and work to ease congestion on the roads to allow quicker access to central Melbourne.

28 December, 2022

FW says:

Wyndham needs better public transport (more trains) and work to ease congestion on the roads to allow quicker access to central Melbourne.