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Learning is fundamental to the well-being, prosperity and sense of belonging of all people. Help us create a vibrant community - learning together - by having your say on the Wyndham Learning Community Strategy 2018/23.

The Wyndham Learning Community Strategy was endorsed at the Ordinary Council Meeting 5 February. The final version of the strategy is available in the document library and on Council's website.

Council has established a strong foundation for lifelong learning within the community since the creation of its first Learning Community Strategy in 2010.

The revised strategy for 2018/23 outlines a commitment to ensuring the benefits of learning are available to all Wyndham residents and promotes a learning community culture where equity and inclusion are the drivers of planning, engagement and delivery.

A range of priority skills have been identified:

  • Learning Agility – the ability to learn in new ways and adapt learning to rapidly changing environments.
  • Literacy, Numeracy and Language – foundation skills for learning and creating vocational and social pathways.
  • Digital Fundamentals & New Media – engaging in digital fundamentals for everyday life, embracing new media and facilitating Wyndham as a smart community for business, work, living and learning.
  • Civics Learning & Engagement – understanding and utilising Australian civic engagement systems to fully participate in society.
  • Intercultural Learning – celebrating Wyndham’s diverse communities and cultures in learning, work and social interactions.
  • Employability, Vocational & Professional Skills – skilling for today's and tomorrow's work and continuously seeking best and next practice.
  • Leadership, Personal Growth & Cultural Expression – facilitating local leadership development and investing in personal growth.

The priority skills will be fostered through a range of strategy actions focused on:

  • Celebrating living and learning in Wyndham, with the Learning Festival as the signature event.
  • Advocating for equity and quality in service provision.
  • Facilitating partnerships and collaboration across sectors to create new learning models and deliver outcomes for all.
  • Innovating learning and fostering new entrepreneurial spirit through integration with, and promotion of, Wyndham’s Smart City agenda.

Council will play a variety of roles in this new strategy – advocate for new services or for a more equitable share of learning related resource; facilitator of partnerships and collaborations; exploring possibilities; initiate and lead projects; and direct delivery of services.

How can you get involved?

Please read the Learning Community Strategy 2018/23 (located on the right hand side) and share your feedback with us via the survey below by 29 November. The Action Plan is the key section to read on pages 23-32.

Follow this project page to keep in touch with Wyndham's Learning Community Strategy.

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