Our new Strategy was adopted in October.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see our responses to your feedback.

What did you tell us?

Your feedback helped to develop the final version of our Strategy.

We've created a new Strategy to guide the development of our industrial precincts

The Wyndham Industrial Land Use Strategy provides a strategic framework for industrial land use and development in Wyndham over the next 20 years. The draft Strategy takes an evidence-based approach and is based on extensive background work including data and employment trend analysis, modelling, forecasting and feedback from public and private stakeholders.

The aim of the draft Strategy is to establish a clear strategic framework to ensure adequate and attractive industrial land is available and appropriately located to accommodate current and future demand.

The Strategy seeks to ensure that Wyndham’s community has access to a range of local jobs and services within the municipality to meet their needs. It will assist industry and the community in understanding Council’s aspirations for its industrial areas and help inform investment decisions from both the private and public sectors.

Where are Wyndham's Industrial Precincts?

Wyndham’s industrial land is part of a regional network of employment precincts. There are six existing industrial precincts in Wyndham with a further five identified in the West Growth Corridor Plan as future industrial land.

These industrial precincts are shown on the below map and include the following precincts:

  • The Laverton North-Truganina industrial precinct (SSIP - State Significant Industrial Precinct);
  • The Hoppers Crossing industrial precinct (RSIP - Regionally Significant Industrial Precinct);
  • The Laverton, Point Cook, Railway Avenue, and Werribee industrial precincts (LSIP - Locally Significant Industrial Precincts);
  • The Werribee South and Wyndham Vale industrial precincts, which are identified as future industrial land in in the West Growth Corridor Plan, and;
  • The Southwest Quarries that contain Mambourin East and Werribee Junction industrial precincts and identified as future industrial land in the West Growth Corridor Plan.
Wyndham City Industrial Precincts

How to get involved

We want you to tell us your thoughts on our new Draft Wyndham Industrial Land Use Strategy. Your important feedback will be used to help finalise the Strategy before it is reported back to Council later this year. Fill in the survey below and let us know what you think.