View the final Dog Off-Leash Plan below.

Thanks to everyone who participated, the Plan was adopted by Council at the February Council Meeting.

Project update

Using the feedback gathered earlier this year, we have developed a draft approach and would now like to hear from you again. You can read the Engagement Summary Report here to see how we used your feedback.


The plan is to make sure off-leash areas are evenly distributed and accessible for all dog owners and provide open space for people and dogs to socialise and exercise safely. We know your fur babies are part of your family and the key reason for exercise and for some people, a reason to live.

We currently have 18 dog off-leash areas across Wyndham and there's some exciting plans to expand. We want to hear from you what is currently working and what you'd like to see in the new spaces.

Your input is going to be used to help decide where the new spaces go and the type of space we provide (fenced, not fenced, agility etc).