Be part of our Creative future

In planning for our future, Wyndham City understands the role of arts and creative industries as fundamental to our City’s future and our liveability. Creativity, artistic practice and our cultural heritage influence our experience in our community, our health and wellbeing, our cultural vibrancy and the resilience and growth of our local economy. The creative industries form a significant – and growing – part of the broader Victorian and Australian economy, supporting and generating jobs and investment.

What do we mean by the Creative Industries?

Part of our work is to understand what the community of Wyndham understand this term to include. As a starting point Creative Industries encompasses economic activity that is concerned with generating, creating or commercialising ideas, thinking, creativity, knowledge and information. This includes jobs where creativity is at the heart of the work.

Through this project we are asking the community of Wyndham to help define the industry sector and to understand the local economic landscape.

Once this data is known, we seek to:

  • Work with Wyndham’s Creative Industries during the Recovery Phase of Covid-19 to provide employment opportunities and to utilise their skills to reconnect and rebuild community and business;
  • Establish an ongoing Business Network of people employed in Wyndham’s Creative Industries with the intent of optimising growth, attraction, investment, events, education and engagement in the municipality; and
  • Investigate and possibly realise the potential of the Creative Industries being a key, unique strength and significant employment cluster in Wyndham’s future.