We are excited to announce the upcoming improvements at the Wyndham Cultural Centre!

With support from the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions’ (DJPR) GSF Fund for $3 million, Wyndham City Council has appointed ARM Architecture to design a new 200+ seat Studio Theatre and additional upgrades to Wyndham City’s landmark cultural venue.

The Wyndham Cultural Centre is one of Wyndham City’s most prominent cultural assets and a vital part of Werribee City Centre. The upgrades to the venue will help Wyndham City respond to increased social and cultural needs of residents from Wyndham.

The construction of the Studio Theatre will commence in 2024 with an expected opening in early 2025.

The initial upgrade will include:

  • a flexible 200+ seat Studio Theatre; and
  • upgrades to the Back of House Facilities.

Along with developing a concept design for a new Studio Theatre and upgrades to some amenities, the architects will also develop a plan for potential further upgrades to the Wyndham Cultural Centre.

Community engagement with Wyndham residents is planned for this project.

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