Consultation has concluded

The Tree and Urban Forest Policy was adopted by Council on 06 February 2019.

The finalised policy be viewed in the document library.

Did you know Wyndham City Council owns and manages around 180,000 trees? Have your say on how we do this by contributing to the Draft Tree and Urban Forest Policy.

The number of trees in Wyndham continues to grow with thousands of new trees being planted every year. Trees provide many benefits to our community and environment - they cool our urban areas, provide shade in our parks and streets, provide habitat for birds and wildlife and can increase property values. We know that trees are important to our community and we need to ensure these assets are managed in the best possible way.

The Draft Tree and Urban Forest Policy provides a framework for how Wyndham City will plan, manage and protect Wyndham's owned or managed trees to ensure they can provide the greatest benefit for the Wyndham community.

The draft policy is an update of Wyndham’s Tree Policy (2015) and details our standards in terms of tree management and urban forest planning, drawing on and complying with best practice in arboriculture and urban forestry, Australian standards and relevant legislation, and aligns with current Council practice and strategies, including the City Forest and Habitat Strategy (2018).