Consultation for this project has now closed. View the final Policy Statement here.

The Towards Equality Policy Statement and Action Plan sets out our vision, goals and actions to work towards achieving gender equality within our organisation and community.

Our Vision for Wyndham is that it is a safe, inclusive community where all people, regardless of their gender, have equal access to resources, power and opportunities, are treated with dignity, respect and fairness, in a life free from violence.

Towards Equality Policy Statement set's out three goals:

Goal 1To work together to build a city that is healthy, strong and inclusive of all.
Goal 2For Wyndham City Council to be gender equitable, safe, inclusive and a leader in equality.
Goal 3Gender-based violence is reduced and our response is strengthened.

The Policy Statement is further supported by a one year action plan, that articulates the actions Council will take to meet the goals and deliver the vision across all areas of the organisation and the community.