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Thank you to everyone who participated. An engagement report will be available soon.

Making Synnot Street Safer

Since 2019, we've been working to improve traffic safety, congestion and traffic movement in and around the Werribee City Centre.

After receiving feedback around safety issues on Synnot Street, an independent audit review was undertaken of sight lines along Synnot Street in Werribee in accordance with Australian Standards.

The audit found that to meet Australian Standards of traffic safety:

  • Under the current 60km/h speed limit, 23 parking spaces would need to be removed
  • Under a 50km/h speed limit, 16 parking spaces would need to be removed
  • Under a 40km/h speed limit, 13 parking spaces would need to be removed.

Areas assessed for safety included driveway exit points next to retail and service providers and car parks located next to these areas of concern.

The review considered the driver sight lines under the current 60km/h speed limit and how a reduction in the speed limit can influence safer sight lines. The review found that the number of on street car parks affected a driver’s line of sight and resulted in safety issues, as parked cars restricted the visibility drivers need to make a judgement on whether it is safe to exit a car park and whether there is a sufficient break in traffic to do so.

To improve the issues highlighted in the audit, we're proposing two changes to Synnot street to keep our city centre safe.

What's changing?

What's changing?

Reducing the speed limit to 50km/h and removing 16 parking spaces is the option considered by Council officers to achieve the best balance and keep Synnot Street safe.

Why two changes?

Why two changes?

Both of these changes need to be delivered together to ensure the road safety in the area is improved to meet Australian Standards.

If the speed limit along Synnot Street stays the same (currently 60km/h), additional car parks would need to be removed.

While parking supply is always considered to be a premium in the Werribee City Centre, it is important that it should never compromise safety. It's time to address the legacy issues that exist in our road network to ensure safety for pedestrians and motorists in our City.

The traffic changes are expected to make travel and parking safer around the busy Werribee City Centre where there is a mixture of traffic, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

Where are the car parks proposed to be removed?

Where are the 16 car parks located which are proposed to be removed?

The below images show the areas along Synnot Street where it is proposed 16 car parking spaces would be removed to increase the road safety in the area. The car parks identified for removal along Synnot Street at the following locations: eight car parks west of Wedge Street, five between Wedge and Bridge streets, two between Bridge and Duncan streets and one west of Cherry Street.

Get involved

We want you to tell us your thoughts on our proposed changes to remove 16 car parking spaces along Synnot Street and lower the speed limit to 50km/h in order to address current safety issues and increase visibility and improve line of sight.

All feedback will be considered and reported back to Council in early 2023 when a formal decision will be made to inform next steps to improve safety. It is noted that a change of speed limit would also be subject to additional government approvals.

Provide your feedback below before Sunday 8 January 2023.