Consultation has concluded for this project and it was adopted by Council on 25 June 2019.

The Smart City Strategy 2019-24 was adopted by Council on 25 June 2019.

Wyndham City Council is leading Wyndham’s evolution in becoming a Smart City. We are embracing new and emerging technology, data and innovation aiming for new frontiers of liveability and prosperity.

However, a city government cannot build a modern, smart city by going it alone - all stakeholders need to work together.

Wyndham City developed the Smart City Strategy 2019-2024 and Smart City Implementation Plan following a multi-pronged approach that included surveys, direct consultation, best practice review, expert advice and integration with corporate strategies and plans across multiple disciplines. The strategy was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 25 June 2019.

Our Wyndham, Towards 2040 is our plan to better meet the emerging needs and aspirations of our community by delivering enhanced customer experiences, driving efficiency and delivering the best possible value to our community.

The Smart City Strategy 2019-24 and Smart City Implementation Plan expands on this and highlights the prioritisation placed on the future of transport, environmental challenges and driving modern local services.

The strategy forms a key pillar of Council's vision for Wyndham to become a connected digital city and defines how the city can use emerging technology and innovation to shape how our citizens, visitors and businesses work, play and live in our future city.

Download the Smart City Strategy 2019-24

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Smart City Strategy Community Engagement Report

To deliver a relevant and community-focused strategy, Wyndham City sought to understand the opportunities, priorities, concerns and demands of the community and other stakeholders when using technology, data and innovation to address our urban challenges.

Wyndham City Council designed and delivered a multifaceted engagement approach that included surveys, consultation sessions and forums.

We consulted with more than 800 community members, Wyndham City Council staff members and key stakeholders, of which more than 500 community members provided important feedback on how and for what purpose the community would like to see emerging technology deployed. The input has been invaluable and the engagement report shares this information with attendees and other interested stakeholders.

The Smart City Strategy Engagement Report presents the consultation information and provides discussion and high level analysis of the key themes and issues.

Benchmarking Wyndham as a smart city

As part of the development of the Smart City Strategy, an exercise was undertaken to benchmark Wyndham against cities that are leaders in the smart city space.

The purpose of this benchmarking was to clearly identify areas of Council's influence that have the largest and most significant gaps compared to leading cities and then use these to inform the strategy.

The benchmarking was based on information gathered from interviews conducted between October and December 2018. Read the benchmark report.

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