Our new Strategy was adopted in September.

Thank you for your contributions. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see how we used your feedback to shape the final Strategy.

Road Safety in Wyndham

Everyone has a role to play in encouraging road safety in Wyndham. Council, the State and Federal Governments, community groups, businesses and all community members who travel in our City need to play their part.

We're developing a ten year Road Safety Strategy and want to know what you think about road safety in Wyndham and how we can work together to improve it. Road safety is not just important for people that drive cars. Pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users are also impacted by road safety initiatives and improvements.

Feedback from our community is an important part of the project and all Wyndham residents and visitors are encouraged to let us know what you think about road safety in your community.

Whose responsibility is it?

We’re largely reliant on other levels of government to fund and provide the infrastructure and services our community needs to prosper. This includes arterial roads, public transport and big city shaping projects. Read through the below responsibilities of each level of government before submitting your feedback.

Responsibilities include:

  • building and maintaining local roads
    (but not arterial roads and freeways).
  • local bike and pedestrian networks.

Responsibilities include:

  • building and managing freeways and arterial roads (e.g. Princes Freeway, Ballan Road, Point Cook Road, Duncans Road)
  • building and maintaining public transport networks.
  • provision of train services, bus services and car parking at stations.
  • strategic bike networks.
  • road safety.

Responsibilities include:

  • funding for national highway network.
  • city shaping transport projects.
  • program funding for local government transport projects and road safety.

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