Engagement closed on Sunday 12 February.

Thank you to everyone who participated. An engagement report will be available soon.

Share your thoughts about local traffic issues and needs in your neighbourhood.

Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) studies are a way for Council to undertake an area-wide approach to providing safe and liveable neighbourhoods for local areas.

Our program of works is aimed at improving traffic safety in our local neighbourhoods.

The Riverside area has been selected for a LATM study to ensure the neighbourhood is safe for all residents, commuters, cyclists and pedestrians. The area selected is bordered by Synnot Street to the north, Princes Freeway to the south, Duncan's Road to the east and the Werribee River to the west.

Engagement with the community is an important part of the LATM study. Community members are best placed to be able to work with Council to identify the issues and needs in their neighbourhood, and are vital in shaping the final outcome.

What's planned to change?

To improve road safety in the Riverside precinct, we're exploring a number of initiatives. These initiatives acknowledge that we have a large number of vulnerable road users in the precinct including pedestrians and cyclists accessing the City Centre, the Werribee River and local schools, as well as traffic accessing and servicing the Lock Avenue area.

Initiatives include a proposed change of the speed limit on local roads within the precinct to 40km/hr. The 40km/hr speed limit would support a safer road environment for all road users including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

It’s noted that a change of speed limit would also be subject to additional government approvals.

Other initiatives include the potential installation of additional traffic calming measures throughout the precinct.

How to get involved

Share your feedback in relation to traffic improvements to support road safety in the Riverside precinct.

Add your feedback on the mapping tool below by letting us know about the current traffic issues or ideas you have for the area. You can also provide additional feedback via the survey below to let us know what you think.

Feedback closes at 11:59PM on Sunday 12 February 2023.

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