The master plan was adopted by Council on 5 May. Please see document library for the final master plan.

Help shape the long-term strategy of one of the Wyndham community's favourite outdoor spaces, Presidents Park.

Presidents Park in Wyndham Vale is a valued open space area catering for a diverse range of community needs spanning sport, recreation and community activities; and the adjacent Werribee River is a place for the community to connect with nature and the environment.

Council has prepared the Presidents Park Draft Master Plan to guide the potential future improvement and development of the reserve over the next ten years (2019 – 2029).

We want to hear from you on the redevelopment of the sport, recreation, open space and community infrastructure facilities at the park to enhance its appeal, community use and functionality.

About the draft master plan

The Presidents Park Draft Master Plan will guide the potential future development of the reserve over the coming ten years and builds on the principles of the Wyndham Sports Strategy 2045.

Highlights (view the full master plan in the document library for complete details) include:

  • Play space, skate park, public toilets and picnic area – a new all abilities play space in the location of the existing playground, improvements to the existing skate park and new picnic facilities.
  • Baseball – a new pavilion and upgrade the back-netting behind all home bases.
  • Hockey – a new second full-size hockey pitch, a new multi-use court space, upgrades to the existing hockey/softball pavilion, and landscape improvements around the building.
  • Softball – reorient the softball fields, upgrade ‘Show Pitch’ to full size and provide central rectangular multi-use fields, shelters for spectators and upgrades to softball/hockey pavilion.
  • Dog obedience – provide additional planting, extend dog training and trials areas, formalise the fence along Heaths Road, improve the grass surface and seal existing road.
  • Parkrun circuit – enhance the existing path system, providing a new Parkrun, or school cross country route and create direct connection to the Werribee River path.
  • Outdoor intergenerational fitness space – a new fitness facility that incorporates exercise/fitness equipment and space for a wide age range of the community located in the hockey/softball facilities and loop path precinct.
  • Fenced dog area – extend the fenced dog area to incorporate an area for quiet dogs only, additional drinking fountain/dog bowl /taps and relocate entry gates.
  • New path on the north boundary of the park with entry points to the proposed Regional Park and connection points to the Werribee River Shared Trail.
  • Pedestrian access and circulation – new paths to create three integrated shared trail loops with distance markers and support facilities for walking and jogging.
  • Vehicular access and car parking – widen existing path in the centre of the reserve to provide a stable event management/set-up route and extension to the car parks that serve the hockey/softball facilities and the play space.
  • The lake – new plantings to enhance the lake edge, new paths/boardwalk, shelters and seats, new section of sealed path on east side of lake, potential location for public art and creation of part of the arts/heritage trail.
  • Public art – installation of additional public art pieces and include the existing sculpture site in a new arts/heritage trail, provide interpretive signage to highlight the significant cultural heritage and environmental attributes of the park.
  • Events infrastructure – enable flexible use spaces by defining event and event parking spaces; providing event nodes with three phase power and water, whilst functioning also as picnic and seating areas.
  • Landscape and environment – continue to enhance and enlarge the habitat linkages along the Werribee River and create new habitat linkages along drainage lines; enhance and extend existing planting areas and provide new tree planting areas across the park; enhance the existing open drain and bore through planting/water retention.
  • Werribee River shared trail – enhance links to the Werribee River shared trail at the north and south ends of the park, and in the central section from the west; and provide a rest stop with seating in the central section.