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We’re currently planning for the development, management and future use of the Penrose Community Garden (interim name).

The community garden will be constructed at the rear of Penrose Promenade Community Centre as part of a pilot project associated with the Community Garden Policy being developed by Council. It is being funded by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) via its Suburban Revitalisation Program and will be managed by the Pasifika Community Australia Inc. The garden has support from Victoria Police and will be secured with a fence for safety and security.

There will be opportunities for community members to engage and attend programs and events in the community garden in the future.

What's planned for the garden?

The site at the rear of Penrose Promenade Community Centre has been identified as a suitable space in which to construct a community garden. It will consist of a variety of raised garden beds, pathways, seating, equipment storage, and open space. The community garden will be secured with a fence for safety and security.

How to get involved

We want to hear from you about what you would like to see in the space and what Council can do to create a space for the community to enjoy spending time in. Your feedback will be used to shape what the community garden will look like and how the space may be activated and used in the future.

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Let's hear from some kids!

Children at the Penrose Kindergarten have shared what they want to see in the new Community Garden.

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