Hoppers Junction is currently home to a wonderful mix of 24 unique businesses that give the area its special character. Over the years, this lively strip has gone through its share of changes – businesses coming and going, and more recently, exciting improvements like the removal of level crossings and upgraded train stations.

To keep Hoppers Junction as the heart of our community, we launched a dedicated four-week engagement in late 2022. We really wanted to understand how the community uses this space now and what dreams they have for its future.

The insights we gathered during this time were inspiring and gave council a wonderful idea of what the community wants to see in the space. We heard about everything from making the area more accessible and adding comfy spots to sit, to finding ways to get everyone more involved. These discoveries have set the stage for an exciting focus on Placemaking and Activation not just in 2023, but for the years ahead.

It's important to mention that all these projects are happening in close partnership with local businesses and the enthusiastic Hoppers Junction Town Team. Together, we're crafting a vibrant future for this cherished spot that everyone can take pride in.

Drawing inspiration from the findings and insights obtained through the engagement process, the Council is actively embarking on trials and tests of several placemaking recommendations for the space in 2023. Here's a snapshot of our ongoing efforts:

We're is pleased to initiate a Shop Front Improvement program for Hoppers Junction. This will be an exciting opportunity for business owners along the strip to give their shopfronts a refreshing makeover with the support of a dedicated designer. Shops can receive a fresh coat of paint, new signage/branding, and window dressings.

The Shop-Front Improvements will help enhance the overall look and feel of the strip to attract and retain more pedestrians walking through the area.

We've has appointed consultants Pop-Creative Collective, to coordinate this program. This is expected to be completed in early 2024.

The Hoppers Junction Crossing Town Team hosted a community gathering at Powell Drive Park on Saturday, August 19, 2023. The community was invited to come together in the park, where there will be a fire pit and live music to enjoy.

This event, supported by Council, marks the inaugural initiative by the Hoppers Junction Town Team. The team was established in November 2022 following enthusiasm from community members to be part of the change at Hoppers Junction. Comprising local community members and traders, the Hoppers Junction Town Team functions as advocates for the local community, working towards enhancing the quality of local spaces.

For those interested in connecting with the Hoppers Junction Town Team, you can reach out via email at

Over the School Holidays in 2023, free activities for children have been trialed in Hoppers Junction. The Artists for Kids Culture has already delivered a free school holiday activity in Hoppers Junction transforming the parklets into a pop-up arts studio. Planning is underway for spring and summer holiday activities.

The School Holiday Activities in Hoppers Junction offer free activities for children aged 5 – 15 years old and their families and aims to bring activity and vibrancy into Hoppers Junction, increase dwell time and support Hoppers Junction traders.

Hoppers Junction will be home to a Halloween event for 2023!

This event aims to bring activity and vibrancy into Hoppers Junction, and support Hoppers Junction Traders.

Powell Drive Park will be transformed into a spooktacular Halloween inspired destination complete with a pop-up dance floor, live DJ, free face painting and pop-up Halloween photo booth and roving entertainers.

Families from the surrounding area will be invited to come along and explore a spooktacular Hoppers Junction.

Details to be released shortly.

A Pedestrian Crossing has been installed to create a safer connectivity between Hoppers Crossing Shopping Centre, Hoppers Junction, and the Train Station.

Further traffic calming measures are being explored.

Following the success of the inaugural Hoppers Junction Christmas Market held in 2022, we are excited to announce the market will be returning in 2023.

Save the for the Hoppers Twilight Bazaar to be held on Friday the 15 December,

If you are interested in being a part of this market reach out here:

Why has this project come about?

We hold the belief that an attractive and vibrant local shopping strip forms the heart of a thriving precinct.

Within Hoppers Junction, a home to 24 distinctive businesses, the landscape has undergone significant transformations over time, including recent notable changes related to the removal of level crossings and upgrades to the train station.

The inception of this project stems from the aspiration to enrich Hoppers Junction, stimulate economic progress, and infuse a renewed sense of charm into the shopping strip's overall ambiance.

This endeavour stands as a testament to Wyndham City's unwavering dedication to bolstering local businesses and nurturing community bonds, aligning with our vision for a flourishing Hoppers Junction.

What is placemaking?

Placemaking is a hands-on approach to creating places for the health and wellbeing of our community. It involves re-imagining spaces to create vibrant, memorable, and social places where people feel a sense of belonging.

Our placemaking projects start with ideas from local community, requires a community/trader partnership, celebrate what makes a place special, are inspiring and are action focussed, delivering results on the ground.

How to get involved

We are continually seeking feedback from the community to help shape Hoppers Junction into vibrant and accessible shopping strip for all. If you are interested in being a part of improving Hoppers Junction get in touch with our team via the contact details on this page.