Consultation for this project has concluded. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Project updates will continue to be provided when the project moves into construction phase. 

Consultation for this project has concluded. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Project updates will continue to be provided when the project moves into construction phase.

A new exciting skate addition is proposed for the existing Loyola Reserve play space in 2019/20. Wyndham City Council will be commencing concept designs shortly and we will be seeking your valuable input.

Why are we developing a new skate addition?

During the development of the Skate BMX and Bike Facility Strategy in 2013, children from the local area and local schools advocated for an easily accessible skate park to be constructed in the Werribee area. Providing access to places to skate in Wyndham is supported by Wyndham’s 2040 Community Vision stating:

Wyndham has a vision for people and community that as a municipality it will be a family friendly city, listening to and learning from the diversity of residents (including young people); and

Wyndham residents to have opportunities to stay fit and healthy (Wyndham 2040, pg 11).

Furthermore, the Wyndham Sports Strategy 2045 confirms the community's demand for skate, scooter and bike opportunities throughout the city and the importance for places for the whole community.

The Vision

Loyola Reserve is situated in a residential part of Werribee, with great access by foot, bike or skateboard, as well as public transport nearby.

The skate park is proposed to be a place for beginner and intermediate skater/scooter users including young children, families and people who are learning the sport and keeping active. The design will complement the existing park and amenities at this modern play space.

How you can be involved?

Selection of the preferred concept design process through the "Quick Poll" is now open to the community. The concept designs can be found on the right hand side of the page under the Document Library, and your selection can be made at the bottom of the page.

If you require an alternate method of communication please contact Cameron Andison via the contact details listed.

What the community have shared with us:

"We are students from Corpus Christi Werribee PS. We like to skate around at skate parks but we don't have enough space to skate and they are pretty boring too. We recommend that Loyola reserve should have a skate-park which should have small and medium rails and big and small stair sets. We would also like a skating bowl and some half pipes".

"I'm a 10 year old boy and i ride a skateboard. I think it would be really awesome and fun if you put a mega ramp so skater/scooter/BMX people can go really fast down the massive ramp! P.S can you guys put a drink tap beside the skate park so when we are thirsty we can have a drink. Thank you".

"Hello i'm a 12 year old bmx rider. i always ride around my my estate but it can get boring just riding on pathways and dirt. it would be great to have a new skatepark for those who skate and bmx. Things that would be great is if there were many stair jumps starting from a 1 stair jump to as high as 10 stairs. For me it takes 15 minutes in a car to get to an actually good park. I think it would be better if i could ride to a skatepark and this would be perfect for me to ride to with a mate or even by myself. Many skaters would like if there was a separate area for some younger kids and scooter riders since many of them can get in the way hurting them selves and others too".

Quick Poll

Please select your preferred concept design for Loyola Reserve skate park. Concept designs can be found in the Project Library on the right hand side of the page for review.

This poll has concluded.

Total Votes: 174