Our new Policy was adopted in November.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see our responses to your feedback.

Plaques and Memorials Policy 2022 - 2027

Council often receives requests for the installation of plaques and memorials in memory of a loved one who had a significant impact on the Wyndham community. These requests are assessed with consideration of the effect on surrounding residents where a plaque or tribute is placed.

Our new Plaques and Memorials Policy is important to guide how requests are managed, whilst ensuring a positive outcome for the Wyndham community.


Requests for plaques or memorials are required to meet the following criteria:
  • The deceased person/s had a significant connection with the Wyndham Community, is known to the Wyndham community and has lived in Wyndham for a significant period of their life. For example, the person was highly active within the community and participated in unpaid contributions to the community.

Assessment criteria are important to ensure fair and equitable consideration of all requests. A commemorative tree is an alternative available when the above criteria is not met.

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We want to hear your thoughts on our new Policy via the survey below. You can read the Policy via the Document Library on the top right hand side of the page before providing feedback. Your feedback will help finalise the document before it is endorsed by Council later in the year.

Feedback closes at 11:59PM on Monday 3 October 2022.