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Stage 2 - Phase 2 engagement closed in February.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay up to date with this project by 'following' this page for updates.

We've been working to protect Wyndham's important heritage

Heritage provides us with important evidence of how our community has evolved and developed over time.

As a region with high growth, heritage is particularly important to Wyndham as a touchstone to the past and a key contributor to a strong sense of place in our communities. There are pressures on our special heritage places due to development and competing strategic objectives such as infrastructure provision and housing growth.

Council must manage these pressures on our heritage to protect the places that make Wyndham special, and ensure that development is sensitive to identified heritage values.

The Wyndham Heritage Review is an important opportunity to protect places of local heritage significance in the face of unprecedented growth, to strengthen the City’s unique character, and to celebrate the history of Wyndham with our community.

Stage 2 Study - Residential Places and Precincts

Of the residential places and precincts identified in the Stage 1 Gap Study (adopted by Council June 2021), the Stage 2 Heritage Study of Residential Places and Precincts has recommended the protection of 17 individual places and 2 precincts of local heritage significance. The Stage 2 Study has also looked at heritage in Werribee South and included a review of the Thematic Environmental History for Wyndham.

We're now asking for community feedback on the Stage 2 Study findings.

What has been identified for protection?

The following places and precincts have been identified for protection under the Heritage Overlay.

The Gibbons and Beamish Streets Residential Precinct has been found to be of significance to the City of Wyndham and has been recommended for inclusion in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay.

Design guidelines for the precinct have been prepared to guide future development

The Campbells Cove and Baileys Beach Boatshed Precinct (Werribee South) has found to be of significance to the City of Wyndham and the Precinct recommended for inclusion in the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay.

Design guidelines for the precinct have been prepared to guide future development.

Other recommendations

In response to the unique context of the Werribee South intensive agriculture precinct and the range of heritage values within this complex cultural landscape, an additional piece of work has been prepared to develop recommendations for innovative approaches to the recognition and celebration of heritage values in Werribee South. You can read more here.

At its Planning Committee Meeting of 14 November, Council adopted a community centred approach to recognising the valued characteristics of Werribee South as an alternative to applying the Heritage Overlay. We are now seeking community feedback on ways to celebrate the heritage of this important part of Wyndham.

Images courtesy of the State Library of Victoria (SLV) - L-R: rw005610, rw005602, rw005601

Traditional Owner Engagement

We are undertaking consultation with Wyndham’s Registered Aboriginal Parties, including the Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation and the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation to provide an opportunity to contribute cultural heritage matters to the project.

Read Volume 1 - Methodology Report*.

*Aboriginal cultural heritage information contained in the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register has been redacted from Volume 1 – Methodology Report.

How do I get involved?

How do I get involved?

We want feedback from landowners and the community on the draft Stage 2 recommendations. Council will then consider the final recommendations as well as community submissions and decide on the adoption of the Stage 2 Study.

What sort of feedback should be provided?

This is an opportunity to provide additional information to ensure the accuracy of recommendations for the protection of places and precincts, and feedback on opportunities to celebrate the heritage of Werribee South. Submissions will be considered by a qualified heritage expert and incorporated into the final recommendations where relevant.

The main consideration for whether the Heritage Overlay should be applied to a place or precinct is whether it meets the threshold for local significance. Independent Planning Panels have consistently held that issues such as individual economic impacts and impacts on development potential should be considered at the planning permit stage.
  • What can be considered?

    • New information on the heritage place or precinct which adds to the history of the place.
    • Factual corrections.
    • New information which changes the conclusion of the assessment.
  • What can't be considered?

    • Perceived impacts on property values.
    • Perceived impacts on future development.
    • New nominations.
    • The re-consideration of sites previously not recommended for inclusion.

What's happened so far?

What's happened so far?

Wyndham Heritage Review – Stage 1 (Gap Study)

Council has completed a Stage 1 Heritage Review (Gap Study) which reviewed the existing Heritage Overlay, existing heritage resources, including unprotected heritage places across Wyndham and identified a number of gaps in the protection of post contact heritage places in Wyndham.

The Stage 1 Heritage Review (Gap Study) recommended further investigation and detailed assessment of 173 Individual Sites, including residential, commercial, industrial, community, archaeological places, military and infrastructure related sites, landscapes and trees, complex places, comprised of multiple land parcels and new precincts.

The Stage 1 Gap Study also recommended corrections to existing heritage citations, and the preparation of detailed Thematic Environmental History for Wyndham.

Stage 2 Heritage Study - Residential Places and Precincts

At the Ordinary Council Meeting 29th June 2021, Council resolved to adopt the Stage 1 Study and commence the first of the Stage 2 heritage studies - Work Item 1 (Residential places and precincts).

This includes individual residential places (including some groups) and precincts (generally residential, but also including the Campbells Cove/Baileys Beach boatshed precinct). You can read more about the Council process here.

Stage 2 Study – Phase 1 – Residential Places and Precincts Information Gathering

In August 2022, at the beginning of the Stage 2 Study, Council reached out to the community through letters to landowners, print and social media and The Loop, and invited residents to contribute information on places identified in the Stage 1 Study.

This information has been considered by the consultant and included where relevant.

What happens next?

What happens next?

Stage 3 - Protect residential places and precincts of historical significance

Following Phase 2 Engagement, Lovell Chen and Council officers will consider all community feedback and make changes to the citations where there are factual corrections, or where new information on the heritage place or precinct is found which changes the conclusion of the assessment or adds to the history of the place.

Places recommended for inclusion in the Stage 2 Study will not be removed prior to seeking Council adoption unless there is justification on heritage grounds. Property owners can also make submissions during the exhibition of a future Planning Scheme Amendment, and unresolved submissions will be considered by an independent Planning Panel.

The outcomes of Phase 2 Engagement, including a response to submissions, will be reported to Council in mid 2024. At this time, Council Officers will seek the adoption of the Stage 2 Study and commencement of a Planning Scheme Amendment to protect places and precincts recommended for protection.

  • Share your feedback

    If you’ve received communication about your property being involved in the Stage 2 Study or if you're a community member who would like to provide feedback, please make your submission here. Submissions close on Thursday 15 February 2024.

  • Attend a drop in session

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