Consultation for this project has now closed and the feedback is being reviewed. Follow this page for updates.

Share your feedback on the Draft Gap Study and help shape Wyndham's Heritage Review

We are undertaking a review of our city's post-contact heritage, a period focusing on our history from first contact between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people through to today.

During Stage 1 of this project, between December 2019 – February 2020, we received 160 nominations from the community for possible heritage places in Wyndham.

Since February, heritage experts have been reviewing those nominations as well as existing heritage studies, maps, fieldwork, databases and resources from local historical societies to produce a high-level, Draft Gap Study.

This Draft Gap Study uses the information we know of so far to provide recommendations on where to focus on, for the next, more detailed phase of research that will happen during Stage 2 of the Heritage Review.

The Draft Gap Study does not make any recommendations for Heritage Overlay.

More detailed research needs to be carried out (Stage 2) to confirm what significance each identified site has, if any.

How to get involved

You can help us by sharing your feedback on the Draft Gap Study by 23 August 2020.

You can review the Draft Gap Study, assisted with the summary below to:

  • Provide your input and any additional information you might have about specific sites that have been recommended for further research.
  • Provide your feedback on how we prioritise research for Stage 2 of the project

Feedback from Property Owners and Stakeholders

We are seeking input directly from site property owners and stakeholders. We will be reaching out to you from 8 July 2020 to get your feedback and any additional information you may have about these possible sites of significance.

We’d also you encourage you to get in touch with us directly via email or phone 9742 0777 so you can chat to the team ask any questions you may have about the Heritage Review and share any information you may have about these sites.

What happens next?

At the end of this phase of consultation, Council will consider all of the feedback received before finalising and adopting the Draft Gap Study – Stage 1.

During this time, Council will also be improving documentation of existing citations, using the latest guidelines and commencing work on updating the ‘Thematic Environmental History of the City of Wyndham.’

Once it is finalised, the Gap Study will provide a reference guide and help us make decisions about how to prioritise further, more detailed research during Stage 2.