The consultation for the Gender Equity Policy Statement has finished. Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. For further details please contact

Wyndham City is committed to a fair, safe and well community and to improving gender equity. The development of actions and strategies in a Gender Equity Policy Statement will help Council foster positive community outcomes and improve the health, well being, safety and lives of Wyndham’s residents.

How you can help

You are invited to join us on the journey of developing the Gender Equity Policy Statement and Action Plan. There will be several ways that you can have input;

  • Attend a community forum

  • Complete the survey

  • Review and give feedback on the draft Gender Equity Policy Statement document in September

We would also like to invite you to attend the launch of the Gender Equity Policy Statement and Action Plan in November.

If you have any questions about or feedback you would like to give on the Gender Equity Policy Statemet please contact Alexius Pepper at

Please note, you will need to register to this site before using the online engagement tools.