Consultation for this project has concluded.

Festivals and events are an integral part of the heart and culture of our city. Have your say on the Festival and Events Framework which informs how we deliver festivals and events for the community.

The Festival and Events Framework has been adopted by Council. See the documents section for the final version of the framework. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The aim of the Festival and Events Framework is:

To enable the delivery of festivals and events to build a strong community, both socially and economically, and a vibrant, liveable city inclusive of all.

This framework provides a contextual overview for Wyndham, including the benefits of festivals and events, and Council’s roles within them. It outlines, across four key objectives, the issues, opportunities and strategic directions for each objective, together with the specific actions that Council will take over the next two years to progress these.

The four key objectives are:

  1. To build a diverse portfolio of events and festivals in Wyndham for now and for the future.

  2. To ensure events and festivals support the development of a strong economy in Wyndham and to facilitate the attraction of a range of events and festivals to the city that target visitors.

  3. To plan, develop and maintain accessible and appropriate infrastructure and event spaces across the city.

  4. To build capacity and support for the quality delivery of events and festivals.

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