Our new Strategy was adopted in November.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Download the Engagement Summary Report here to see our responses to your feedback.

We've developed a new Strategy to ensure Wyndham will be a productive, liveable city that promotes sustainable economic development that enables local job growth.

Our new Economic Development Strategy provides clear direction for economic prosperity in Wyndham. It captures the vision, attitudes and aspirations of our growing and diverse community. The Draft Strategy addresses the challenges and opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic has created, recognising that technology and flexible arrangements in the way we work have accelerated.

To generate significant local jobs and attract investment, the Draft Strategy identifies a number of priority sectors for growth for Wyndham including Health Services, Tertiary Education, Professional and Technical Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Visitor Economy and Agribusiness.

We've also set an important goal of increasing the 37% of resident workers employed within the municipality to 51% by 2040.

Importantly, the Draft Strategy emphasises the need for a game changing project to deliver job growth. The development of the East Werribee Employment Precinct is our priority employment creation project over the next 20 years.

Guiding Themes of the Strategy

The Draft Strategy includes four strategic themes to guide our City's future economic prosperity.

How are we going to do it?

Our new Draft Strategy includes a number of actions to guide our economic development efforts across Wyndham.

Objective: Strengthen connections with government, industry and community to foster new opportunities for investment and growth.

  • Deliver target industry sector roundtables
  • Celebrate business excellence and promote Wyndham as a business and investment destination
  • Deliver events that enhance knowledge and local supply chains
  • Capture, analyse and report on economic data including resident workforce retention and jobs growth
  • Conduct annual business confidence survey
  • Deliver Industry Engagement Program
  • Develop and Deliver ongoing Buy Local Program
  • Establish Wyndham Women’s Business Network

Objective: Develop a diverse, robust and resilient local economy underpinned by businesses responsive to local, national and global influences.

  • Annual Business Training Calendar
  • SPARK Innovation Hub
  • SPARK Innovation Hub Business and Development Program
  • WYNnovation Festival
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship Innovation Fund

Objective: Attract and facilitate job creation investment and enable national and international trade.

  • Maintain a proactive approach in facilitating investment in priority industry sectors
  • Launch and Grow the Business and Investment Website
  • Participate in an Export readiness program
  • Support progression of the East Werribee Employment Precinct

Objective: Prepare and implement policies, strategies and plans to develop, enhance, activate and grow activity centres and industrial precincts.

  • Deliver annual place activation programs in Activity Centres
  • Deliver and attract Major Events focused on activity centres
  • Deliver marketing and promotion support for targeted centres in partnership with business associations
  • Deliver Placemaking enhancement works to targeted activity centres to support infrastructure
  • Deliver streetscape enhancement works in targeted activity centres to support enhanced customer experiences.
  • Facilitate the delivery of catalyst developments by leveraging the value of Council owned land.
  • Develop and implement activity centre visions, plans and policies

How to get involved

We want you to tell us your thoughts on our new Draft Economic Development Strategy. Your important feedback will be used to help finalise the Strategy before it is reported back to Council later this year. Fill in the survey below and let us know what you think.

Provide your feedback below before Thursday 27 October 2022.