Our Public Toilet Policy was adopted in July 2023.

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Public toilets in Wyndham

As Wyndham continues to grow, planning for where public toilets are located is important to ensure we remain a liveable and accessible city. Currently the distribution of public toilets across Wyndham’s open space and public realm network isn’t equitable and additional toilets are needed to service key public open spaces and destinations.

Our Draft Public Toilet Policy aims to provide a framework for decision making around public toilet provision in the open space and public realm network. The Policy also promotes a standard for design that is accessible to all and emphasises the importance of the public toilet’s location, siting and orientation to maximise community safety outcomes.

Draft Public Toilet Policy Objectives

Our new Draft Policy is based on four key objectives.

Public toilets will be:

  • Provided to service Key Open Space Destinations:
    • District, municipal & regional open spaces; and
    • Main streets and/or town squares of activity centres.
  • Provided at Key Open Space Destinations along regional paths and trails.

Public toilets will be co-located within sport pavilions and/or higher order community centres located within or in close proximity to the Key Open Space Destination.

Where it is not possible to co-locate a Public Toilet within an adjacent building, a stand-alone toilet should be provided.

Public Toilets should be shared between sporting fields and playgrounds wherever possible. Where a co-located Public Toilet is not within a reasonable walking distance from a playground, an additional stand-alone toilet will be considered.

The majority of Council’s Public Toilets will be designed in accordance with Council Standards, to maximise efficiencies and minimise costs for repair and renewal.

The provision of stand-alone bespoke Public Toilets will only be supported in public spaces where a specific use or design warrants a non-standard approach. This may include foreshore locations, all abilities play spaces, and/or town centre locations.

Public Toilets, and their surrounds, will be sited and designed to address Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

Where possible, Public Toilets will be co-located within other buildings to limit structures within open spaces and keep sight lines open.

Public Toilets will be located adjacent to high traffic areas and entrances orientated to ensure they have clear lines of sight from adjacent well-lit areas to maximise passive surveillance.

Public Toilets will be located and designed to minimise visual impact on adjacent private property, while not compromising community safety.

Public Toilets will be designed, constructed and upgraded over time in accordance with the most current Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standards (currently AS 1428.1 and 1428.2).

Accessible pathways and access points will be provided to all Public Toilets to ensure DDA compliance.

Design of Public Toilets will incorporate Universal Design principles.

Changing Places facilities will be provided at All Abilities Play Spaces in consultation with disability groups.

Public Toilets will be clearly signposted, with directional signage provided from across the open space and trail network.

Public Toilets that service open spaces (including town squares) owned or managed by Council will be maintained by Council, including co-located public toilets.

Public Toilets will be well maintained in accordance with adopted service levels.

How to get involved

We want your feedback on our plans for public toilets in Wyndham. Read our Draft Policy and Implementation Framework before you provide your feedback below.

Use the mapping tool to share your feedback on planned locations for new public toilets in Wyndham or fill in the survey and provide your feedback on our Draft Policy.

Provide your feedback below before Tuesday 9 May 2023.

Come and chat with us!

Come and chat to the team, ask any questions or provide your feedback new public toilets in Wyndham in person.

Saturday 29 April
  • 11AM - 12PM - Tom Roberts Reserve, Point Cook
  • 1PM - 2PM - Ashcroft Park, Williams Landing
Saturday 6 May
  • 11AM - 12PM - Farfalla Way Park, Tarneit
  • 1PM - 2PM - Loyola Drive Reserve, Werribee

The four open spaces above where you can meet the team are locations where public toilets have been identified via the Implementation Framework.

Draft Public Toilet Policy FAQs

Read some of our FAQs below before you provide your feedback.

There are currently 48 Council owned public toilets in Wyndham City.

There are 30 toilets identified in the strategy/implementation plan to be built in the future.

Stand-alone public toilets will consist of two gender neutral cubicles, including one All-Abilities cubicle with a baby change table.

The Policy outlines the decision-making framework for providing public toilets in the open space and public realm network to service ‘key open space destinations’.

Key open space destinations are the areas within parks where activities or functions are located and grouped to attract the community. These might be district level play spaces, sporting facilities, water play parks, skate parks or beaches. These functions encourage visitation for longer periods of time.

Public realm refers to any land that is owned by Council or State and Federal Agencies that is publicly accessible. This includes streets, nature strips, town squares and plazas, local and regional parks and the foreshore.

The policy recommends co-locating public toilets within sporting pavilions or higher order community centres to limit structures within open spaces to reduce clutter and maximise safety.

Where a public toilet cannot be co-located, the Policy recommends a stand-alone toilet be placed within walking distance of the key open space destination. A playground for instance.

All public toilets are cleaned at least daily, with those with higher usage cleaned twice a day. Toilets are monitored to ensure that cleaning is increased if visitation increases.

Bespoke refers to a non-standard Public Toilet that will be designed to a higher standard. This would typically include additional cubicles for larger crowds, and unique designs responding to the location. This may include the Werribee South foreshore, Wyndham Park or in key main streets/town squares.

Unfortunately, not all open spaces are appropriate for public toilets.

As per the Policy, public toilets will be provided to service key open space destinations.

If you believe a key open space or destination has been missed in the strategy/implementation plan, please drop a pin via the map tool or provide your feedback as part of this engagement.