Read about how we used your feedback!

Download the engagement report to see how we responded to your feedback or fill in our survey to tell us how we did.

What is next for Community Engagement?

The feedback and input from the engagement will be implemented over the coming 12 months as part of the Community Engagement Team’s commitment to continuous improvement and ‘business as usual’. Some things will be implemented quickly and you will see changes happening immediately and other things will happen later depending on budgeting, capacity and planning cycles.

Our commitment to you

We want to ensure that all of our engagement opportunities help to identify community needs and priorities so that Council’s decisions can align with community expectations. The only way we can do that is by hearing directly from the community.

Community engagement is a crucial input into good decision making. We combine community feedback with other evidence (research/customer data), expert knowledge and our strategic policies and guided legislation to come to an informed decision. You can access all community engagement reports and see how community feedback has shaped completed projects on this page.

We are striving for a best-practice approach to engagement to help us to create more liveable communities, better public policy and to ensure people are at the core of what we do.

You can download our policy and read more about Community Engagement at Wyndham on our about page.

Annual review

We are always looking for ways to improve and want to better understand your community engagement experience during the last 12 months.

The results of the survey will be used to determine:

  • satisfaction with Wyndham Community Engagement activities in general
  • satisfaction with the community engagement experience within individual projects (where relevant)
  • what you enjoyed and didn't enjoy about participating
  • communication preferences

Complete the survey below before 11:59PM 13 August 2023