Consultation for this project has concluded. Wyndham City Council’s Annual Plan and Budget for 2019/20 was adopted by Council on Tuesday 25 June 2019.

Wyndham City Council’s Annual Plan and Budget for 2019/20 was adopted by Council on Tuesday 25 June 2019.

A copy of the plan can be downloaded from the document library.

This year we’ve allocated almost $140million for the infrastructure our community needs to build and upgrade roads, community centres, sporting reserves, and more. Some highlights include:

  • $1.74 million for the replacement and upgrade of the tennis courts, oval and pavilions at Galvin Park
  • $11 million for various road reconstructions and resurfacing across Wyndham
  • $1.236 million for Stage 1 of a library in Williams Landing, and $233,000 for a mobile library vending machine in the interim
  • $15.57 million to the provision of kindergarten and children’s care services
  • $6.40 million to maintain our parks and open spaces
  • $4.57 million to provide in-home care support to enable older residents to live independently.

About the Annual Plan and Budget

Each year, Wyndham City Council prepares an Annual Plan and Budget which outlines the priorities for Council to deliver in the next financial year. Getting feedback from our community has informed this process.

The drafting of the Annual Plan and Budget is also informed by the vision, plans and strategies that guide us:

Council delivers a wide range of services, programs, facilities and advocacy that contribute to building a strong and vibrant community. Good financial management into the future means making choices about how we provide and prioritise these. Consultation feedback provides Council with an insight into how the community perceive these challenges, and how we might plan to better address these.

The Annual Plan and Budget 2019/20 delivers not only the essential infrastructure projects such as road and park upgrades, but it also features a range of city shaping projects that will contribute to the overall liveability of our city now and into the future.

About the community consultation for the 2019/20 Annual Plan and Budget

From October 2018 to March 2019, the Wyndham community were provided with a range of opportunities to share their priorities for their local area for consideration when Council was drafting the Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2019/20.

Thank you to all the members of the Wyndham community who contributed ideas for the Proposed Annual Plan and Budget 2019/20. In total 773 ideas were submitted by the community. Each of these ideas have been reviewed by Council and key findings are outlined in the Community Engagement Report.