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Help tailor sporting programs at Brookdale Road Reserve

Since the adoption of our Sports Strategy, we have been busy building brand new sporting reserves across Wyndham to meet the needs of our community.

The primary sports to be housed at this reserve are baseball and softball. Outside of formal club activity, the reserve will be available for the community to use as well as other organised groups on occasion.

To support the activation of this reserve and development of a new joint Baseball and Softball Club, Council are seeking feedback to help understand what type of programs, age groups, values and experiences are important. All feedback collected will help ensure that the new club or programmed activities at the reserve are developed to meet the needs of the local community.

How to get involved

Complete the survey below to provide your feedback.

Participants of the survey who indicate interest in being part of the club development process will be contacted to attend a face to face session for their sport(s) of choice.

An engagement report will be provided to all who have contributed to the consultation following these face to face sessions.

Provide your feedback below before 11:59PM Monday 11 December 2023