Engagement closed in January

Thanks to everyone who participated. An engagement report will be available soon.

Planning for the future of aged care services

With Federal Government changes coming to aged care services in July 2024, we want to know what you think of our current services and how you want to see them delivered in the future.

As the primary provider of the Commonwealth Regional Assessments for entry into Aged Care assessments for Wyndham residents, Council is the first point of contact for community members seeking access into aged care funded programs and promoting opportunities to help seniors feel supported, welcome and independent.

The upcoming changes to the funding and regulations of aged care services might change Council's role, while an emerging and competitive market will increase the choice, quality and affordability of these services for clients.

Because of this, we're seeking feedback on Council's current delivery of aged care services and the community expectations of Council's future role to support our senior residents.

What Aged Care Services does Council currently deliver?

Councils Aged Care Services Portfolio includes eleven different services. These have been broken down into three different groupings below.

How to get involved

Share your feedback to help shape Council's role in delivering aged care services in the future. Your feedback will help redesign what our services look like in line with Federal Government changes which are coming next year.

We want to hear from those who currently receive aged care support services from Council and other providers, carers of those receiving support and the general Wyndham community.

Provide your feedback via the survey above before 11:59PM Sunday 7 January 2024.