Community consultation for this project has now closed. View the Aged Care Service Statement in the Document Library.

Have your say on Wyndham's Draft Aged Care Service Statement.

On Tuesday 7 May, Wyndham City Council endorsed the Draft Aged Care Service Statement. Prior to the service statement being formally adopted, the Wyndham community are invited to provide feedback on the draft service statement.

What is the Aged Care Service Statement?

The draft service statement was created in response to recent planning work relating to Council's aged care services and the national aged care reforms. It provides Council with a decision-making framework and principles for current and future aged care service planning.

The statement:

  • Outlines Council's roles as a leader, service provider, partner, planner, facilitator and advocate
  • Affirms Council's role in ensuring that Wyndham residents have access to a range of services that meet their needs
  • Reinforces our commitment to support the experience of ageing in Wyndham through a holistic approach.

Council is committed to ensuring that Wyndham’s older residents have the opportunity to optimise their independence and wellbeing through access to timely and responsive aged care services. As outlined in the draft service statement we are committed to the availability of services that are:

  • Outcome focused: Our services and people align all efforts towards delivering community outcomes and improving public value.
  • Agile: The city’s rapid growth means we need to quickly respond to change ensuring continuous improvement, relevancy and value-add.
  • Efficient: With limited resources we need to be effective and efficient to ensure maximum public value no matter the constrains.
  • Accessible: Our strategies and services need to be easy to access, equitable, affordable, clearly communicated and simply understood.
  • Integrated: It is essential that we align effort across a service system to maximise community benefits.
  • Transparent – We have a responsibility to keep our community informed of how we use public funds.